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About EXDOLL Brand

EX Doll is a sex doll manufacturer founded in 2009 with extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality silicone sex dolls. Their exceptional attention to detail and unparalleled originality set them apart from other brands. EX Doll understands that everyone's tastes and preferences in sex dolls are different, and they strive to satisfy people's deepest desires in a safe and respectful manner. That's why EX Doll offers four different series - Utopia, Ukiyo-e, CyberFusion, and EXClone - to meet a variety of needs.

The EXClone series comes with default clone-level body makeup, giving extremely realistic details on the face and joints. Especially the delicate and pinkish joints add a softness to the visual appearance. This effect is achieved because human skin needs to be well-oxygenated and have good blood flow to have a translucent and rosy effect, highlighting feminine features. The eyelashes and eyebrows are implanted more realistically, preserving the integrity of the sex doll.

Poptorso is very fortunate to become an authorized agent for EX Doll! We will provide you with genuine dolls directly from the EX factory, ensuring the protection of your consumer rights. Operating with integrity and prioritizing customer satisfaction is our business philosophy. Please feel confident in making your purchase!