How to Safely Pierce a Sex Doll?

Experience full creative freedom with our customizable TPE sex dolls at PopTorso, the trusted reseller. From pubic hair to pierced nipples, indulge in your unique preferences with our collection of life size sex dolls.

Are you concerned about piercing your TPE sex doll torso and damaging its skin? Fear not! Our dolls feature real-touch skin that is perfect for piercings. You can pierce their ears, belly button, and even their nipples - whatever suits your preferences. Our guide offers everything from how to pierce your doll to the essential tools included in a sex doll piercing kit. Let's dive in!

What is a TPE Sex Doll?

A TPE sex doll, composed of thermoplastic elastomer, is the ideal tool to satisfy your wildest sexual desires. Featuring lifelike details and a soft texture, these dolls closely resemble human features.

Upgrade your female sex doll game with our top-quality TPE sex dolls from reputable brands such as WM Dolls, Climax Doll, and Irontech Doll. These lifelike and customizable dolls provide endless possibilities for creativity.

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Guide: Step-by-Step Tutorial on TPE Sex Doll Piercings

Looking for guidance on how to pierce your TPE sex doll without harm? Our step-by-step guide makes it easy, even if you thought it was a complex procedure. Follow our instructions for safe and successful results.

Once the desired location for piercing is determined, marking the spot can help ensure proper piercing width and avoid any potential errors or irregularities.
Ensure to unscrew the fixation ball located on the earring to complete your purchase.
Using either a specialized piercing needle or a longer sewing needle, puncture the skin until it is fully pierced.
Insert the earring carefully while removing the needle.
After completing the task, reattach the fixation ball to the earring.

When considering piercings for your sex doll, it is important to remember that TPE is a thick, dense material. Following the recommended steps will help prevent any damage to your doll. The type of piercing you choose is ultimately your decision, but it should be compatible with the area you plan to pierce.

How to Pierce a Sex Doll’s Nipple

The lack of piercings on TPE sex dolls may prompt the need for additional instructions. A tutorial on piercing dolls' nipples will be provided, with emphasis on proper technique and placement. Careful attention must be paid when rotating the barbell during insertion, as the piercings should be placed further back from the tip of the nipple. Professional execution is crucial, as with any real-life piercing experience.

Proper Maintenance of a TPE Sex Doll with Piercings

While TPE sex dolls are not opposed to being pierced, it is important to properly care for your doll if you choose to add piercings. This is especially crucial because certain metals may not be compatible with TPE and could potentially cause a skin rash. It is unclear which specific metals may cause this reaction, but we suggest avoiding cheap plastic piercings and opting for silver or gold ones. Whether the piercing enhances your doll's appearance or not, it is essential to always keep the area clean.


Learn the safe and proper way to pierce your TPE sex doll with confidence. Easily customize your doll's appearance by adding piercings to her nipples, ears, belly button, and more. Our vast collection of high-quality TPE sex dolls from PopTorso will make all your fantasies a reality. Shop now and find the perfect kinky companion for all your needs.


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