The Ultimate Sex Doll: Hard Hands, Feet, and Soft Hips!

More and more sex doll torso manufacturers put more effort into the innovation of silicone sex dolls. Recently, many new upgrade options have been launched, such as hard hands, hard feet, soft hips, etc. In this blog, we will introduce more about these new features and help those novice customers make a more informed choice. Silicone sex dolls continue to evolve with new and improved features, such as hard hands and feet, and soft hips to enhance your experience. Stay informed and make the best choice as a customer.

Hard Hand Option

This choice strengthens the hand and reduces the risk of palm damage. It fortifies the entire palm for improved protection of the fingers and palm. Strengthened hands are more resilient and long-lasting when supporting dolls in various postures.

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Hard Feet Option

The hard feet option stiffens the feet area (including ankles, soles, and toes) to better protect the soles when the doll is standing. Even better, it offers standing feet with no screws in the soles, which is great news for many customers who prefer good-looking, realistic feet. Choose the hard feet option to provide the ultimate protection for your sex doll feet. The improved design features no screws in the soles, making them even more realistic and visually pleasing for customers.

Soft Hips Option

If you think the silicone butt is hard, this new soft hips option will be a great addition for you. It will make your love doll’s plump buttocks more squishable and supple. Investing in our new soft hips option will enhance your love doll's experience. The skin-like silicone will provide a more lifelike and natural feel, making your doll's plump buttocks irresistibly squishy and supple.

1. These new options are only available for silicone sex dolls, such as Zelex Doll, Sanhui Doll, Starpery Doll, and Piper Doll.
2. The height of the hardening on the hand and feet cannot be accurately controlled. Depending on the actual production situation, it will vary between various dolls.


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