Master The Difference: Standard Skeleton vs. EVO Skeleton

Buying a sex doll torso? Confused about standard EVO or upgraded EVO skeletons? Find out the differences and which one is the best choice for you in our blog.

As an expert in the industry, it's important to address the confusion that may arise when choosing between standard EVO skeletons and EVO skeletons for purchasing sex dolls. Here, we will provide a thorough explanation to help clarify the differences.

Standard Skeleton

  1. The basic structure of the skeleton limits your female sex doll's ability to shrug its shoulders.
  2. Many traditional skeletons have limited flexibility, only being able to bend in a forward or backward direction.
  3. The elbows and knees should be slightly bent at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.

Sex Doll Skeleton

EVO Skeleton

  1. The upgraded (EVO) skeleton allows your life size sex doll to shrug its shoulders and assume various poses with more realism and freedom.
  2. The backbone is highly flexible and can tilt in both directions, making it ideal for achieving the desired intimate experience for doll enthusiasts around the globe.
  3. The product's unique features allow for flexibility in leg positioning, either in the W position or downwards to reach the buttocks.

Explore the enhanced capabilities of EVO, the upgraded skeleton that offers superior flexibility for realistic posing and positioning. Brands such as WM doll, Piper, and Starpery are continuously evolving their EVO skeletons with features like double-jointed arms and legs, allowing for authentic movements like squatting, stretching, and kneeling.

Upgrade your doll's skeleton for added flexibility and customizable joints with the EVO skeleton. However, if you are satisfied with simple postures, the standard skeleton is a suitable option.


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