Unleashing Your Wild Side: Tantalizing Tantaly at the Berlin Venus Expo

The annual Venus Berlin, taking place in October 2023, is the premier adult entertainment and lifestyle trade fair, drawing large crowds from around the world. With 250 exhibitors representing 40 countries, visitors have the chance to discover cutting-edge adult sex doll torso and indulge in a wide range of adult entertainment experiences. This year, Tantaly will be showcasing its innovative products and providing an unparalleled experience for attendees.


Tantaly Exhibition Highlights

Our booth at the Venus Berlin exhibition, featuring Tantaly, impressed visitors with its meticulous design and impressive setup. As industry experts, we warmly welcomed each attendee with gratitude and care, while also providing special gifts such as Tantaly-branded mascot figurines and our latest magazine edition. The highlight of our booth was Daisy, the detachable vagina version of our popular big ass sex doll, which received high praise and attention. With its removable channel feature, users can customize their experience and easily clean and maintain the product. Daisy has yet to be officially released, creating excitement and interest from the audience. We are proud of the positive feedback and recognition of its uniqueness. Additionally, we are the first brand to develop detachable channels for torso dolls and have patented our innovation as Tantaremoval, solidifying our commitment to innovation and excellence in the industry.

Tantaly Sex Doll

During the exhibition, we had the honor of meeting our collaborator, Anja Amelia, who is an adult model. We had an animated conversation about our long-standing partnership, exchanged ideas, and considered potential opportunities for future collaboration. This exchange not only strengthened our partnership but also allowed for valuable improvements and advancements in our products and services.

The exhibition audience enthusiastically responded to Tantaly products, captivated by their realistic appearance and incredible tactile sensations. The lifelike aesthetics of Tantaly torso dolls are matched only by their unbelievably realistic touch. Visitors couldn't resist instinctively touching and patting the doll's chest and buttocks, fully immersed in this delightful experience. This reaction fills us with pride and reaffirms the outstanding qualities of Tantaly products.


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