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Lifelike Climax Doll Breasts Torso Sex Toy is a Medical Grade Silicone Material Boobs Sex Torso that is Perfect for Mammary Intercourse.

Climax Si-B-92 has the largest breasts of the Climax mammary intercourse sex dolls, shaped in a 'teardrop' design that is based on data points from global customer preference surveys. Climax Si-B-86 sex doll torso is the ideal choice for those who enjoy breast sex;using lubricant on the silicone will enhance the experience. Climax Si-B-61 showcases a realistic clavicle on the side, and is the best option for those who prefer small breasts. Climax Si-B-59 is an ultra-realistic silicone Climax Breasts Sex Torso with visible capillaries and nipples. Climax Si-B-53 breasts torso sex doll is made of silicone and includes a free gel chest, perfect for latex aficionados.

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