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About ElsaBabe Brand

Elsa Babe is a prominent Chinese company known for its expertise in creating anime-inspired silicone sex dolls. Their team consists of experienced professionals in 3D animation and game design, dedicated to bringing the beauty of anime girls to life. The torso sex doll feature large, expressive eyes and unique, pointed heads, designed to capture the distinct aesthetic of dolls rather than attempting to imitate realistic human features. Notably, they offer furry and animal-themed head designs that are not found in any other brand.

Elsa Babe Dolls are crafted with premium platinum silicone or TPE, allowing for cosplay without concern for stains. With a variety of sizes, ranging from 80cm to 165cm, and customizable bust sizes, these dolls cater to individual preferences. Advanced technology is used for resistant facial and body painting, ensuring long-lasting makeup even with regular use. Please use caution when engaging in oral play, especially with smaller heads designed for bodies under 100cm, as the oral opening may be smaller. All Elsa Babe dolls come equipped with a built-in vagina and durable EVO metal skeleton as standard options.

ElsaBabe offers three skin tone options for their sex dolls: the default Pink white, and the newly released White. In addition to skin tones, Elsa Babe constantly improves their dolls with features such as body softness. Note that while it is possible to replace the weight reduction layer with soft silicone blends for even softer body parts (excluding the breasts), this may result in a shorter lifespan due to increased susceptibility to damage during transportation and daily use.

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Experience your wildest fantasies come to life with our steamy sex dolls, crafted with sensuality and expertise. PopTorso's ElsaBabe collection features mesmerizing Hentai eyes and a lifelike Japanese cartoon-like body, perfect for igniting your passions. Customize these ElsaBabe dolls to suit your desires, leaving you craving for more of these smoking hot companions. At PopTorso, you can finally bring your intimate desires to life with our astonishing ElsaBabe sex dolls.

Elsa Babe: The Ultimate Anime Style & Japanese Cartoon Inspired Dolls

Designed and crafted by Elsa Babe team, these luxurious silicone sex dolls are perfect addition to your love dolls collection. Inspired by Anime, Manga, and hentai cartoons, Elsa Babe is a verified and trusted supplier at PopTorso. Unlike other popular sex doll brands, Elsa Babe offers a unique customization feature - the ability to choose the doll's breast size when ordering. With size options ranging from S to XXL, you can bring your hentai fantasy to life with your very own custom Elsa Babe doll. While they may not have a wide selection of skin and toenail colors, their breast size feature is truly enticing. Elsa Babe is a reliable and prestigious doll manufacturer, accredited by hundreds of satisfied customers on TDF. For those interested in the anime aesthetic, Elsa Babe has a variety of options available. As an authorized Elsa Babe reseller, PopTorso offers their complete range of dolls. If you can't find the perfect companion, don't hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable team poptorso@hotmail.com for assistance.

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