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Zelex Doll is a TOP TDF toy-maker, known for its unique, lifelike silicone sex dolls. From the wax sculpture, they gave the doll blazing hot bods and heavenly, angelic faces. In recent years, their Western fan base has grown wildly! And now, their EXO skeleton has appeared! Zelex Doll has been craftin' real-feel silicone sex dolls since 2017, quickly becoming dolls of desire for sex doll aficionados. Those gorgeous, sculpted designs? Incendiary figures and angelic features? That's all Zelex Dolls!

Zelex Dolls boast an incomparable quality - crafted from medical-grade platinum silicone for longevity and hygiene. Plus, the company offers a more pocket-friendly alternative of a TPE body, with a softer touch than regular silicone.

Zelex sex Doll presents abundant customization choices, such as skin tone, hairstyle, and eye color, in addition to their new Inspiration Series. This series includes features like a jaw with mouth functionality, softer body parts, a detachable vagina, and a refined body painting process. Learn more about the Inspiration Series here.

The latest EXP skeleton presents Zelex girls with a multitude of possibilities. An upgrade from the conventional EVO skeleton, this structureallows for more natural, realistic motions. Its features include a ball-jointed neck, broadened shoulder mobility, double-jointed elbows, and a more agile waist.

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