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What Is Female Masturbation?

Female masturbation is the stimulation of the genital region -- including the clitoris and vagina. Generally, individuals self-stimulate until orgasm occurs. Techniques used to achieve this can include manual stimulation with hands, using a sex toy like a vibrator or sex doll torso, rubbing the clitoris against something and other tactics. All of these count as masturbation, as long as self-stimulation is involved in the act. The duration of time until climax varies from person to person; one study found that, when self-pleasuring, females reach orgasm in an average of 8 minutes, which is less than when engaging in sexual activity with a partner.

How to Explore Female Masturbator With Your Partner?

It is commonly thought that female masturbation must be done solo; however, numerous women engage in self-pleasure with a partner and/or during intercourse. Additionally, some women may opt to masturbate prior to intercourse as a means of increasing orgasm potential.

But the discourse about female self-pleasure has taken a hugely beneficial turn in the last 100 years, evolving our discussion about female sex toys. We've moved away from the incorrect - and also simply ridiculous - idea that women have no libido, and now women can access the top-rated and most satisfying Female Masturbator from Poptorso Adult Store.

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