Medium Breasts Sex Doll Torso | C – D Cup Size

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Cup Size: Medium Breasts C – D Cup Real Love Dolls

Medium Breasts Sex Dolls are a must-have for any doll-lover, since they look oh-so-realistic. Sink your hands into these middlin' mounds and you'll feel like you're about to meet the real deal!

Their small size gives users a more realistic experience while engaging in activities that would typically involve a real woman. And depending on if you're after heft or feel, you can opt for hollow or filled mammaries. Plus, personalize her other traits--hair color, eye color, areola size and hue. Revel in the beauty of the medium-sized boobs and smooch 'em as much as desired. I'm serious. She enjoys it!

Revel in the sight of the breasts trembling as you plunge in from behind with up to 3 different orifices!

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