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YearnDoll: A Recently Popular Sex Doll Brand in Japan. A few days ago, a new sex doll brand - YearnDoll Sex Dolls, suddenly emerged and was rapidly picked up by multiple Japanese vendors. Like Shedoll and Tyofye before them, YearnDoll real dolls have now spread throughout the Japanese market.What is YearnDoll love doll, and who is behind them? Many random new brands appear all the time (I often ignore them), but this one looks especially noteworthy. YearnDoll realistic doll specializes in silicone sex dolls, offering 4 bodies (ranging from 148cm to 163cm) and 10 heads.

YearnDoll real love doll established a comprehensive catalogue prior to their official launch. Details are still sparse, but thus far, YearnDoll's production takes place in China while their inspiration and marketing are heavily Japanese-influenced. Here are some of their torso sex dolls for you to take a look at.

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