Realistic Electric Yeloly Sex Doll Hip Torso

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Lifelike Yeloly Electric Sex Doll Hips and Realistic Female Ass Torso Toys for Masturbation

Yeloly carries pop sex doll hips of superior quality and cost-effective price. Crafted of medical-grade TPR materials and suitable for water-based lubes, these buttocks guarantee safety, health, and lack of odor. We understand all the nuances of personalization and therefore offer a range of hip materials. If you're looking to take your sexual pleasure to the next level, our Yeloly electric hip sex dolls are just the thing! Imagine the excitement of a twerking partner with none of the dating assumptions. Our Yeloly hip sex dolls move and rotate rhythmically, replicating human motions for an incredibly realistic experience.

Discover the Yeloly electric hip feature of the self-move sex doll and explore what it can do for you. How does it work? It's powered by a motorized mechanism in the hip area that allows the doll to move automatically when you power it on. Depending on the model, some electric sex doll hip can be controlled via remote.The automatic function of the sex doll torso offers interactivity and mobility. It has parts embedded in the buttock's area, enabling the doll to twist and move like a real human. Yeloly Electric buttocks dolls come in two configurations: charging and plug-in.

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