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Qita Doll - "her novelty" new partner cooperation concept, the first TPE sex doll brand to propose the concept of companionship.

Qita dolls brand originated in 2017, they have a top design team and factory with rich experience in doll making. Qita doll modeling and makeup techniques are among the best in the sex doll torso industry, and you will undoubtedly be attracted by its exquisite and beautiful body and head.

Qita dolls have delicate cheeks, sexy body curves, plump breasts, round buttocks, slender legs, and pink labia. Qita dolls are known for their faces, as they create extremely realistic faces that are not only sexy and realistic, but also have a touch of fantasy. Qita doll bodies are also amazing as they are often great sex doll creators.Up to now, Qita has more than 10 real-life matching models of Kang Caibin, Sasa and many other popular INS celebrities!

What are Features of Qita Doll?

  1. Real-to-life Models: Experience a unique and advanced approach to crafting lifelike models with Qita use of sensor pads and 3D scanning technology. Qita Doll team of experts works with real models to create precise replicas of their parts, providing a realistic and immersive experience. Unlike other manufacturers who rely on rudimentary tactics and muddy materials, we take pride in our intricate Qita Doll Torso details, such as delicate cheeks, curves, and plump breasts. Our collection boasts over 10 butt molds of popular INS internet celebrities. See for yourself through photos of these celebrities being molded!
  2. Innovative design: In 2021, the Qita Sexdolls team introduced their innovative electric turning hips model made from a real living person's buttock. With the addition of an electric chip and a remote control, the hips can now move, twist, and heat up to 38°C, providing a truly realistic experience. Introducing the new Electric Model - Qita Dolls Xinghe!
  3. Innovative Vagina Design: The Qita Sexdoll team has significantly improved the internal structural design to address the issue of friction caused by traditionally built vaginas. As a result, you will experience a heightened level of tightness and resistance during sexual activity. The S-shaped channel, spiral bumpy texture, and pattern design create a full suction and absorption effect that guarantees an authentic and satisfying sexual experience.
  4. Hidden Neck Design: The typical manufacturer attaches the head directly to the neck. However, this method results in an artificial look since the head and neck are separate components. In order to address this unappealing outcome, Qita doll sex torso has created a concealed neck design where the head is integrated within the neck, creating a seamless and natural connection for the user.

Poptorso's Qita Dolls also have beautiful makeup techniques and lightweight sex doll torso molds, this collection is definitely one you can't miss at Poptorso.

As an officially licensed supplier of Qita Dolls, Poptorso is pleased to present the brand's most realistic torso sex doll essence collection, Qita Dolls sex doll torso has the advantage of three-point thermostats and true 1:1 life-size models over other brands.

If you're on a budget but want a high-quality TPE sex doll, then Qita Doll torso sex doll is the way to go. These torso dolls are also made from 1:1 live mannequin models with the holes in the correct positions. They also feature electric and heating functions, which greatly enhance the realism of sexual interactions. Buy the best Qita Doll sex dolls from Poptorso!

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