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Have you ever heard about automatic sucking vibrating sex dolls? The 2023 new and upgraded automatic sex dolls are all here at POPTORSO.COM. Want a more intense masturbation experience? Then don't miss these sex doll torsos and ass with sucking vibrating functions. Strong vibration frequency super suction automatic cleaning 3-in-1 automatic function, providing you with the strongest sucking feeling and exciting vibration, bringing a new round of new sex experience. Please click the link below to learn more about this product and place an order!

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POPTORSO 2023 upgraded Automatic sucking vibrating sex dolls include the vibrating sucking sex doll torso, vibrating sucking big ass masturbator, and other automatic sex doll torsos. These are newly developed torso sex dolls with fully automatic sucking and vibrating functions, equipped with remote control to free your hands; When your penis is inserted into the vagina, the fully automatic function will bring you an unprecedented happy and exciting experience. Are you excited? The double stimulation of sucking and vibrating rubs your sensitive penis to reach orgasm.

POPTORSO automatic sucking vibrating torso sex dolls combine the qualities of a masturbation cup and a sex doll body, they also have a self-cleaning function, and the cleaning tube and sucking function of the automatic vibrating sex doll body greatly shortens the cleaning time. This type of torso has two tubes, one for releasing gas and the other for draining water or other liquids. For quick drainage of vaginal fluid, use the suction mode. These two tubes help you clean faster and more efficiently! It is more convenient to clean after you use the sex doll because it has three modes of vibration, suction, and exhaust. It can better improve the efficiency of your sexual life, and at the same time improve the experience of your sexual life! If you like automatic sex doll torsos and automatic big ass torso dolls, POPTORSO can fulfill your dreams!

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More About Sucking & Vibrating Sex Doll Torso

Vibrating & Sucking Sex Torso | Realistic Automatic Sex Doll Torso For Men Masturbator

Looking for a more satisfying solo session? These vibrating and sucking sex doll torsos and buttocks are a game changer. Featuring powerful vibrations and suction, plus automatic cleaning, the price is surprisingly affordable. Shop now and get your hands on the PopTorso newest and best automatic sex torso for men. With various vibration frequencies, it will feel just like the real deal. Don't miss out, buy one today and experience the ultimate pleasure!

What Types of Vibrating Sucking Sex Doll Torso?
  1. Vibrating Female Torso: The female sex torso have Vibrating & Sucking, Automatic Clean functions. Easier to use and more hygienic. Don’t miss it.
  2. Vibrating & Sucking Big Ass: Automatic big ass,brings you the marvelous sexual experience. Shop realistic vibrating big booty, enjoy more real doggy sex!
  3. Best Vibrating & Sucking Torso Toys: The lifelike Vibrating & Sucking sex doll for men comes with a remote control so you can enjoy hands-free masterbation. Pocket pussy design with 2 deep 3D threaded channels, powerful vibrating & sucking mode enjoy more real sex!