9 Things to Avoid When Caring for Your Sex Doll Torso

Researching torso sex dolls reveals that owning one comes with a heavy responsibility. While sex dolls can be a source of pleasure, their upkeep calls for careful attention and effort.

It is important to be mindful of the two key considerations when dealing with sex dolls. Firstly, they are not inexpensive and any mishandling can lead to irreparable damage and potential financial loss. Secondly, sex dolls are intended to serve as companions, rather than solely as a masturbatory aid; hence, take care of them as you would for your loved ones.

Ensuring the longevity of your sex dolls requires abstaining from 9 particular behaviors:

Do Not Prolong Sitting Posture of Sex Doll Torso

One thing customers must keep in mind is not to keep their doll in a sitting position for extended periods. Doing so can cause issues to arise, such as bending of the material or cuts, which can spoil the breast fun in future for a doll like Tantaly's best-selling Britney. Similarly, for larger dolls such as Monroe, who boasts long and beautiful legs, it is important to carefully put the legs back in place after use and not leave them open for too long.

Do Not Exert Excessive Pressure on Your Sex Doll Torso

Exerting too much pressure on your sex girl can damage her inner skeleton, so enjoy all sex positions with patience. Metal structure ensures longevity, but be gentle and don't add unnecessary items. Remember, sharp objects are the enemies of TPE sex dolls and should be avoided for the doll's safety.

Make Sure To Wash Your Sex Doll Torso Properly

For optimal health, be sure to clean your sex doll thoroughly after use. If residue is left behind, bacteria can grow, potentially leading to skin diseases and infections. To make sure this doesn't happen, be sure to make sure all cleaner is wiped away and there is no residue left on the skin. Diseases like contact dermatitis can result from coming into contact with residues, leading to rashes or worse yet, skin infections. To simplify cleaning, consider the Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit to make the job easier.

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Avoid Performing This Action After Washing Your Sex Doll Torso

After correctly cleaning the sex doll, do not attempt to rush to the drying process. Do not use blow dryers or other sources of direct heat to dry the doll. Additionally, apply renewal powder to the skin to protect and preserve the doll. Instead, allow her to air dry naturally in a room that has air conditioning or a fan, avoiding direct exposure to hot air. To further preserve the doll, apply baby powder over her skin. The doll holds a special place in your life.

Only Employ Renewal Powder To Enhance Your Real Love Doll's Appeal

People should not use cream-based makeup, such as concealers, foundations, cream blushes, etc., on their pleasure doll, as the ingredients are not compatible with the material. This can cause permanent staining of the area. Renewal powder is preferable as it is better suited for human skin and won't damage the doll's smooth skin. Knowledge of doll maintenance is also important.

Avoid Spraying Fragrance Directly on the Torso Sex Dolls

Perfumes can be a great way to set the mood and help you feel more attracted to your sex doll torso. Unfortunately, spraying the perfume directly on the skin can cause discoloration and damage the pigment. To protect your beloved doll, try spraying the clothes and allowing them to dry before putting them on your doll. That way, you can enjoy the fragrance of your favorite perfume while safely fulfilling your fantasy without causing any harm.

Do Not Apply Oils Or Creams As A Lubricant For Your Sex Doll Torso

Creams and oils may be beneficial for human skin but are unsuitable for sex dolls; they can compromise the quality of the TPE and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Emollients in these products are great for skin, yet can cause damage to the sex toy's surface in the long run.

Avoid using Rubbing alcohol, Essential oils, Shampoos, and Laundry detergents for sex dolls as they can cause harm. Essential oils will damage the surface of the doll irreversibly. Additionally, body washes and shampoos contain surfactants that are difficult to clean off of the TPE and can make the sex doll's appearance dull.

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Avoid Using These Fabrics to Adorn Your Sex Doll Torso

Sometimes you may desire to clothe your sex doll in stylish garments; however, this is not advised as it can lead to staining. Utilize caution, too, when placing your doll on blankets or fabric with a plush feel as this can cause sticking and prove difficult to clean.

Unfortunately, certain colors must be avoided when dressing your girl. Dark shades such as black, red, fuchsia, purple, magenta, navy blue, etc. should be avoided, while light colors like baby pink, light blue, and apple green are recommended. However, if you wish to opt for dark colors, make sure they hold their shade after multiple washes.

Avoid Proximity to High Heat Sources for Your Sex Doll Torso

Sex dolls are aesthetically pleasing and ideal for physical intimacy. They are designed to satisfy your sexual fantasies. Your sex doll torso can elevate your libido with just a glance. To ensure a long-lasting relationship with your sex girl, never expose her to high temperature for an extended period of time, as this may cause the TPE material to soften.

In Summation:

Caring for your sex doll torso is essential to reap the benefits of sexual pleasure that she provides, as well as to ensure the longevity of your expensive purchase. Clean and dry her properly to avoid bacterial infections and extend her life. Following these tips will ensure that you and your doll continue to enjoy a healthy relationship.


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