How To Choose Best Couples Sex Toys & Sex Doll Torso?

Discover how to take your partnered sex to another level with a range of couples sex toys. This comprehensive review lets you get all the information you need in one spot, from the best couples vibrators to clitoral stimulators during PIV or DIV sex, and beyond. How to choose from cock rings, G-spot vibrators, remote-controlled options, and even Couples Sex Doll Torso, all available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

What is a Couples Sex Toys?

A couples sex toy isn't just something they use during penetration - it's really any toy that two lovebirds can play with together! Whether it's a vibrator or penis stimulator, a remote-controlled butt plug, or special sex furniture, couples sex toys offer plenty of stimulating new options to explore. So don't be shy - grab something special for you and your partner and get the party started!

What are The Best Sex Toys for Couples?

The type of stimulation desired and the dynamics of the relationship will determine the ideal sex toy for a couple. If new to the world of adult toys, a discreet and simple trans sex doll torso could be a great starting point. Those with a bit more experience could consider experimenting with bondage and anal play. Couples of any orientation can find something suitable - it’s all about personal preference.

Things to Consider When Buying a Couples Sex Toys:

  • Dimensions — Measurement is important when selecting a toy; ensure this one has suitable dimensions for both individuals, for any insertable parts.
  • Stimulation settings — Toys can differ greatly in terms of stimulation settings. Some have a wide array of speeds and patterns, while others may only have a few or none at all. Refer to the product specs table to determine the settings of each product.
  • Volume — If you need to be discreet, it's smart to opt for a product that's quiet and won't draw attention to your activities.
  • Materials — We always suggest selecting a safe, nonpermeable material like silicone when shopping for the best product.
  • Clitoral stimulation or penetration — If clitoral stimulation or penetration is your goal, consider what type of stimulation feels best to you. A vibrating cock ring or c-shaped vibrator can make PIV sex even more pleasurable by providing extra clitoral stimulation. Meanwhile, vulva owners who want to penetrate their partner may benefit from a strap-on.

Why You Should Start Using Sex Toys as a Couple

Perception of intimacy products can range drastically among relationships and individuals. In my opinion, there are countless reasons why incorporating toys into your relationship can be beneficial. Pleasure is a given advantage, but these items can also enhance the connection between partners. Couples’ sex toys are great for countless reasons, such as...

They Foster Imagination and Discovery
Adult toys for couples provide a fresh and exciting approach to intimacy. With vibrators, strokers and bondage gear, partners can discover new sensations and explore each other in novel ways. Experiencing novel stimulation can be especially beneficial for couples who find themselves reverting to the same routine. Toys can even open up new interests and kinks. Our team of sex toy testers can attest to this ever-evolving journey of exploration!

It Can Facilitate Your Dialogue
A couple's pleasure device can serve to increase the erotic discourse inside a relationship. Exploring so many novel sensations has the potential to start conversations about preferences, distastes and ideas for future exploration. Many sex toys have multiple uses, and your partner may need to try a few times before they can make it work for you, or the other way around - so, communication is essential during that process!

They Reduce the Orgasm Difference
The orgasm gap is a widely recognized term describing the disparity of orgasm frequency between heterosexual, cisgender partners. Women are often found to have far fewer orgasms during intercourse than their male counterparts. This is primarily due to the difficulty or inability to reach climax from penetration alone, requiring clitoral stimulation for orgasmic release. To supplement, couples can opt for manual stimulation, or use a special sex toy designed to provide clitoral stimulation before, during, or after penetration.

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How to Bring Up Sex Toys With Your Partner

Bringing sex toys into the bedroom for the first time may be daunting. Partners may be open to the concept, or find themselves dealing with feelings of doubt or reserve. An avoidance of a prior discussion and, instead, suggesting a toy during intercourse is not recommended. At its best, it could be an amusing surprise, yet at its worst, it may cause pressure or even embarrassment.

Prior to exploring couples' sex toys, communicate your interest in the idea with your partner. Discuss any purpose or timing of the toy, then carefully listen to any worries or concerns they have, and collaborate to reach an agreement. Depending on your partner, it may be better to point them to the toy you have chosen, or search for it together.

Remind any frightened partner that life size sex dolls don't replace them. It's still their own body bringing you pleasure with the help of a toy. If there's discomfort, try a toy that both of you will enjoy, adding a new flavor to your shared experiences.


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