Unlocking the Mystery of Realistic Sex Toys

Searching for the most lifelike sex toy? Or seeking something to simulate real sex? We have a collection of top-quality masturbators, clit suckers, torsos, dildos, and more. Our sex doll torso are incredibly realistic, simple to operate, and can make all your dreams come true!

What Is a Realistic Sex Toy?

Realistic sex toys can vary greatly in their form and function. From dildos and fleshlights to realistic male masturbators and life size sex dolls crafted from skin-like material, there are options for users of all orientations and interests. Clit sucker machines and oral sex simulators can provide extra stimulation, while other styles offer suction, thrusting, and other motions. No matter what type of pleasure you seek, the realistic sex toy market is broad enough to fulfil any fantasies.

Types of Materials Used for Realistic Sex Toys:

  • Silicone: Silicone is the perfect material for toys, rated 100% body-safe and non-porous, with hypoallergenic properties. Its velvet-like texture is soft, warm, and skin-like. It can be shaped into exquisitely detailed designs that look and feel amazing. Maintenance is simple and these toys can last for years with proper care.
  • TPE/TPR: FantaFlesh and CyberSkin may appear incredibly realistic, as they are flexible, soft and squishy, mimicking a skin-like texture. Beware, however, that TPE and TPR materials are porous and can therefore be difficult to clean and house unfriendly bacteria, so external use is the safest choice. Use condoms with insertable toys for a hygienic experience.
  • PVC/Rubber: It is strongly recommended to avoid materials such as these, regardless of their realistic appearance and texture. These materials are porous and may contain toxic agents, potentially leading to dangerous health consequences. We implore our customers not to purchase items made of these materials.

How to Make Realistic Sex Toys?

Given the risks associated with homemade sex toys, we recommend kits that are constructible with high-grade silicone. These kits offer a safe and reliable way to fabricate a realistic toy. Peruse our DIY posts here on BedBible for more information on customizing your own sex toy.

Should You Use Lube with Realistic Sex Toys?

Lubricant is essential for achieving lubrication and warmth during use. It facilitates easier and smoother insertion and increases the quality of the experience. Water-based lubricants are the safest option for all varieties of sex toys.

What are Realistic Sex Toys Made of?

Typically, these products are composed of silicone or TPE/TPR material. Our top section outlines the distinctions between the materials, allowing you to gain deeper insight into their properties and best practices.


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