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Our Customer Verdict: The Tantaly "Britney" sex doll torso is a strong performer. Its design is beautiful and its price tag isn't for everyone. If you already have experience with sex toys, this product is worth considering - you won't be disappointed. Britney is a great size for realism without bulk, and with proper care, she will last a long time.

Tantaly Britney Review: What is Pleasure Perfected?!

The "Britney" sex doll from Tantaly is a mid-size torso for adult pleasure. Offering two skin tones of "Fair" and "Wheat," Tantaly Britney has features that are sure to satisfy. Her voluptuous bust and curvy form jiggle with each thrust, creating an unparalleled experience. If missionary or doggy style isn't your thing, this life size sex doll will aid in granting your fantasies. Dive into a night of passion with Britney in the bedroom and experience the ultimate satisfaction.

Our Customer Tantaly Britney Review:

Britney Tantaly Initial Impression:

I tried out an average-sized torso big ass sex doll before but, frankly, it wasn't good. It was too heavy to use effectively as a stroker and too light to thrust into. Unlike that model, I noticed Britney had no such issues- she had the perfect weight which allowed her to stay in place while being used. Her body is made of TPE, which has different levels of firmness in different parts. This gives parts like her stomach a firmer feel while her breasts and butt have a jiggle that enhances the "sex". While this jiggle is great, it does make her difficult to carry. —— Kevin Said

The Tantaly Britney Highlights

Every part of Britney can be enjoyed or explored. The tunnels of her vagina and anus offer distinct sensations when penetrated, with her anus being slightly tighter — making lubrication a must before insertion. Her breasts provide an attractive sight, yet can also be used for pleasure. Meanwhile, her hips provide something to cling to during lovemaking, and the rest of her body contributes to the pleasurable experience. Enjoying Britney is a blissful experience, but all good things must eventually come to an end….

The Britney Downfalls

When the fun is done, clean-up needs to occur. If you don't have a cleaning kit, this can be a drag. To be sure you've gotten every spot, it's important to clean the area you used. In practice, you'll want to clean both openings; even if you were on a clean surface, moisture from one can seep into the other. In addition, Britney skin can attract anything, so you may need to clean her entire body.

Tantaly Britney Design Features

Britney is an incredibly lifelike sex doll with incredible posability. She has a realistic TPE body, accurately detailed nipples, skin, and labia. Both breasts and buttocks have impressive jiggle and bounce, making this experience as immersive as possible. Although her overall detail is top-notch, the anal entrance is a bit too wide to be realistically accurate. While this is a common issue with this industry, Tantaly could make the hole a bit smaller with a stretchier material to balance it out.

Tantaly Britney's Intuitiveness Analyzed: A Review

Tantaly Britney weighs an optimal 29.76 lbs, allowing users to fully enjoy her without worrying about transportation or stability. Her vagina is easy to enter, while her anus requires more lubrication; both offer tight sensations that are sure to please. Britney also features 32B cup breasts, making her perfect for anyone desiring a realistic boob job experience.

Britney Tantaly Quality Evaluation

Britney Tantaly is a prime example of quality. Her skin has a realistic feel and her assets move in such a way that they're sure to mesmerize. A careful observation will reveal a textured surface that gives her skin an even more realistic feel. As far as sound goes, she's on the quiet side, but depending on your play, you may hear some suction noises. Most of the sound comes from contact between her and the surface.

Exploring the Price Tag of the Tantaly Britney

At $399 (price may vary), Tantaly's "Britney" sex doll is an accessible yet high-quality model. I was satisfied with the structure, packaging, and overall presentation of the product, which felt luxurious. Overall, I believe it is worth the price and a few improvements could be made. I recommend including two absorption sticks instead of the current one and a second plastic bag for storage. To further improve the user experience, Tantaly should also correct any spelling errors in the manual and provide product-specific "Service, Maintenance Guide and Product Description."

Did the performance live up to the claims?

Britney is designed for a heavier sex doll experience. Her proportions and curves make it easy to handle her, and her back can be adjusted to your preferred position. You can even use her force in unison with your thrusts for a more realistic experience. Be sure to apply lubrication before penetration, especially if entering through the anus. Initial tightness is natural but she will soon adjust to accommodate your size.

The Package Experience with Tantaly Britney

Britney Tantaly arrives in an anonymous cardboard box but inside, another elegant black container awaits with details of the doll featured and some product photography. Quality is evident from the start. Added to the box's contents are a maintenance guide, product guide (in full color!) and a molded foam holder to keep Britney safe. Plus, an absorbent stick is included to help dry her when washing. It's worth having a spare for efficient cleaning.

Understanding the Materials and Care for the Tantaly Britney

Tantaly Britney is crafted from a nonsterilizable, waterproof TPE that is easy to clean with soap and water (at 104°F or less). The Tantaly Cleaning Kit can make maintenance easier, but a bathtub, showerhead, or hose can also be used. When not in use, store her in the Styrofoam packaging or a dedicated storage bag to reduce the material's susceptibility to dust and grime buildup. For drying, using the water absorption stick is highly recommended.

Tantaly Britney Special Feature

Despite not being exclusive to Britney, the presence of the adjustable internal metal spine is noteworthy. Upon arrival, her back will be curved. This is beneficial for certain poses but may not be suitable for others. Thankfully, the spine can be adjusted to ensure that almost any situation can be comfortably managed. While a little effort is needed to adjust her spine, rest assured that it won't be harmed by the process.

Britney Tantaly Specifications and Features:

Materials TPE 
Weight 28.6 lbs
Length 19.09 inches
Openings Vagina, Anus 
Insertable length (Vagina) 7 inches, (Anus) 6.22 inches
Waterproof Yes 
Storage Bag Included No (plastic bag included) 
Condom safe Yes 


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