My Candice Review: Bravo Tantaly!

Despite always admiring life size sex dolls, it was never practical to keep one in the confined space of my one-bedroom studio apartment. It was doubtful anyone - especially my parents on their frequent visits - would miss the sign that I was harboring an intimate toy. Until I discovered Tantaly Candice, that is.

But who, you might wonder, is Candice? Let me explain. Candice is 43 lbs of beach-loving body with two cavity-like orifices. She has no head, arms, or legs, and yes, her appearance may remind one of a serial killer's victim. At first glance, she might seem disconcerting, but she was ideal for my needs. With Candice tucked away unobtrusively beneath my bed, no one had to know of my indulgence.

I recently had the chance to try out a sex doll torso by the name of Tantaly Candice. Despite being queer, disabled, and primarily into people with penises, I was quite intrigued to find out what it would be like to use a doll with breasts so realistically-textured (the soft-chest technology built into it is called “Tantabosom”!). Initially, I felt a bit of hesitation, but once I got into it, that all completely dissipated. I also decided to review the toy out of concern for disabled folks who may want to try it out but are unsure about its accessibility. But hey, when you're offered a free sex toy, why not take it? So here goes.

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Who is Tantaly Candice?

Tantaly Candice is the kinda gal who's never gonna let ya down or stick out like a sore thumb when it really counts. She was designed to take a real shakin' without any griping or lecturing. She'll bend to your every whim without shooting ya a stink eye. I kept 'er tucked away underneath my bed and pulled 'er out anytime I wanted to make a mess. Not a peep from her.

Tantaly Candice Sex Doll Secret:

The first concern I had about the product was the packaging. I was delighted to find that discretion was taken very seriously - the box was so anonymous that when I found it on my doorstep I couldn't tell what it was. Was it a present from a secret admirer? Another shipment of disability aids? I was both relieved and slightly apprehensive when it was opened to reveal the Tantaly Candice.

The discreet nature of the packaging appealed to me. From an accessibility perspective, however, it was not ideal; I have difficulty with finer motor skills, so opening the box to find another box was impossible for me to do alone. I had to find someone to assist me which, while a bit embarrassing, made the discreetness of the package almost comical. Explaining to my helper why I had a sex doll at home was certainly an interesting conversation!

Tantaly Candice known as the ultimate beach buddy, this star BBW sex doll is unlike any other. With her realistic body shape and robust construction, she is the perfect companion to bring to the shoreline. From my experience with her, no other female sex doll rivals her convenience and performance. Be warned though, her appearance can be a bit intimidating for children.

Candice weighs a hefty 43 lbs without her head, legs, or body. She is the same scale as a real woman and features shapely boobs, a soft texture, and two sexual cavity tunnels with unique ridges and bumps. If you feel drawn to amputees, Candice can make your desires come true legally and safely.

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What’s Tantaly Candice Feel Like?

Today's big boobs sex dolls are a far cry from the inflatable blow-ups of the past. Candice has been crafted from TPE materials that give her the incredible realism of real human skin. TPE dolls are ultra-lifelike but do require some maintenance to keep them in their best condition over time. With proper care, you can experience the extraordinary realism of Candice's soft skin and even feel "goosebumps" and "blemishes," making her indistinguishable from the real thing. Make sure you give Candice the treatment she deserves!

Can Tantaly Candice Handle a Day at the Beach?

Candice may be marketed as a beach girl sex doll, but taking her to the beach isn't recommended. I experienced some strange stares when I tried. There are a couple of reasons to avoid this. Primarily, it would be expensive to buy a sun lounger for her. Moreover, TPE sex dolls are susceptible to damage from direct sunlight, easily developing cracks and tears if exposed for too long. While the beach girl concept is attractive, it's best to keep her at home and away from the sun.

Score Every Time with Tantaly Candice's Hole!

Candice features two ultra-stretchable chambers ideal for erotic pleasure. Her lifelike vaginal and anal tunnels boast depths of 5.9 inches (15.2cm) and 5.11 inches (13cm) respectively, and diameters of 0.8 inches (2cm) and 0.2 inches (0.5cm). The inner walls have multiple ridges and protrusions for a realistic feel as you thrust inside. I found that the pressure created by her chambers had a pleasurable sucking effect. Unsurprisingly, Candice omits an oral cavity due to her design.

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Can a Tantaly Candice Sex Doll Feel Real?

Can a sex doll feel real? Well, I can honestly say my experience was surprisingly natural! I was a bit taken aback when I first held it, but that feeling didn't last long. What I love most is the size—someone with my limited fine motor control needs something I can really hold onto (get it?) For me, it's easy to maneuver into position, and the weight of Candice (at nearly 42 pounds) makes it feel intimate, like I'm actually holding another person. And why would I even bother with penetration when I can just hold the doll? That's one of the main benefits—it allows me to receive pleasure with just a simple hug. Candice is the perfect size for me to rock on without actually having to move my hips. Plus, most sex toys are too firm and hurt my penis, but Candice was soft and pliable, without any pain—even when going deep. The key is to use a lot of lube for optimal comfort.


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