Exploring Tantaly Tantabutt: The Ultimate Guide

Discover the hidden gems of Tantaly Tantabutt with Exploring Tantaly Tantabutt: The Ultimate Guide! Go on an adventure and explore the thrilling landscapes, breathtaking views, and unknown secrets

What is Tantabutt?

Tantaly is unwavering in its commitment to the 'SHEIS' philosophy: S—Satisfaction; H—Human form; E—Ease of utilization; I—Interactive; S—Soft to the touch. We aspire to offer a lifelike, convenient, and interactive torso sex doll, creating an improved, holistic experience for users.

Upon receiving customer requests for soft buttocks, we conducted a thorough exploration into the realm of soft butt technology and subsequently developed a new generation of gel soft butts that boast greater realism, durability, and elasticity: Tantabutt.

CLM BW82# Climax Torso Sex Doll

What Are the Differences Between Tantabutt And Other Gel Butts On the Market?

Tantabutt offers an experience of superior elasticity when compared to traditional gel models; it also offers greater protection from damage, guaranteeing longevity.

Conventional gel asses are susceptible to damage and distortion due to their fully gel composition and soft edges. To ensure a soft feel, realistic female ass movement, and lasting durability, we developed a new production technique. This involves adding a layer of regular material to the outside of the ass material to bolster the gel portion. We also tested multiple layers of skin material thickness alongside the inner gel's softness. In order to prevent the separation of the two materials and offer a velvety soft touch, we consistently tested and adjusted the temperature during the heating and cooling phases of producing the ass.

Tantabutt necessitates greater proficiency from our production team, resulting in a 20% lengthening of production times. Its performance, however, is inarguable; with regards to the jiggling effect, shape, and longevity, it handily outmatches typical soft ass technology. In addition, the softness has increased by 50% compared to former ass designs.

What Are the Precautions When Using Tantabutt?

1.Implement gentle fondling: Delicate caresses combined with mild pressure may be pleasurable, but vigorous kneading may cause damage. Handle the big ass sex doll with the same tenderness and respect you would show a real person. Additionally, safeguard it from razor-sharp objects, such as scissors or pen tips.

2. Tantaly dolls are sent with the utmost discretion via five-layer privacy packaging. Inside is a custom-fitted polypropylene case, laid in a black bag with dual handles for transport. Plus, a zippered pocket exists on the bag's side to carry accompanying items. It is advised that after drying, the doll should be repackaged in Tantaly's polypropylene wrapping to protect the soft ass and extend its life span.


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