What's the Legal Age to Buy Sex Toys?

How Old to Buy Sex Toys?

Debate surrounding sex toys has begun to dismantle the sizable stigma that has pushed the public's interest in them to the backburner for decades. Depending on your locale, the age restriction on purchasing these items may still be up for debate. When embarking on a shopping excursion for the first time, it is natural to feel apprehension over what to expect, as well as the legality of your purchase. The age of consent is different across the world, making it hard to answer this question definitively. It has become increasingly clear that limiting the age of purchasing sex toys has become increasingly pointless due to the high level of exposure to such items on television and the internet. This article, then, serves not as a guide to the age requirement for buying sex toys, but as a manual for when you feel that you are ready.

What You Must to Know Before Buying Your First Sex Toy?

Most sex toy stores have a minimum age requirement, usually 18. It's not about buying the item, but payment method. If you have access to a bank account or credit card, you can purchase pleasure toys. Unfortunately, using someone else's card without their permission can be considered fraud and you could face legal consequences. To be safe, be sure to meet the required age before buying sex toys.

If the desire to possess a sex toy is greater than the reasons not to, then you might consider approaching your parents or guardian to obtain one for you. If this presents difficulty, take your time when considering how to approach it. For the more daring, try visiting a physical sex toy store and exploring your options. If your luck is in, you'll be able to find the ideal toy to experiment with. If you'd like to remain even more discreet, you could use crypto-currencies to bypass typical payment processes while buying online. Alternatively, you could use a friend's account to purchase a sex toy without anyone knowing.

The result determines the decisions taken. Because obtaining a sex toy can be difficult for young people, some may choose to use an easily accessible item such as a banana instead of exposing themselves to potential health risks associated with multiple partners. This is why the age vs. sex toys discussion should be undertaken with care. If you own a sex toy at a young age, these are some things you should understand about it.

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Do you know How to Choose Your First Sex Toy?

Many who have gone before you have experienced the same exhilaration and confusion when it comes to selecting their first sex doll torso toy. Without knowing what kind of product will be most effective, it is not uncommon to purchase multiple items during the experimentation phase.

Once you have determined the type of sex toy you desire, seek out features such as:

Incorporates a body-safe label

Materials such as silicone, glass, and wood are widely regarded as body-safe and their prevalence in the sex toy market competes with low-quality, unsafe alternatives. It is essential to ensure that any potential sex toy is of the utmost quality and trustworthy sellers are trying to brand those that are not as safe. Thorough research and user reviews can help you discern authentic sex toys from fakes.


No matter your experience level, lube offers a frictionless experience, enhancing pleasure. Opt for water-based lubricants with your sex toys, as this won't affect the longevity of your items. However, if you own silicone toys, use exclusively silicone lube to prevent damage from mixing with other substances. For additional assurance, perform a spot test to verify compatibility.

A Beginner's Guide to Purchasing a Sex Toy

If you're uncertain about purchasing a sex toy for the first time, it's understandable. But, after your initial purchase, you'll find yourself more and more at ease, potentially becoming a passionate collector.

For a streamlined experience, adhere to these guidelines.

Discover what captivates you

When shopping for a sex toy, consider the kind of pleasure you desire. Ask yourself if you gravitate towards internal or external stimulation. Then, consider where you plan to use the toy and what kind of sensation you want it to provide. If penetration is the goal, look for an insertable toy that meets your needs. If you visit a physical store, don't hesitate to ask questions about product features.

Peruse web reviews

Trusted reviews on online sex stores simplify the decision-making process. Authentic consumer reviews are particularly helpful for painting a realistic image of a toy’s advantages and disadvantages. Keep in mind, though, that individual reviews depend on personal sexual interests.


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