Exploring the Value of Sex Doll Shopping: A Guide to Making the Best Choice

The Ultimate Guide to Sex Doll Shopping

What benefits are provided?

My guide helped you find a reputable vendor adult stores for your desired love doll. Now that you're ready to purchase, there are many options to consider. Use this guide to determine which ones are worth the investment and which are not.

– TPE or silicone?

TPE is the most common material used today. While its softness makes it feel like real skin, silicone offers a more realistic look and longer life-span. It is also heavier and pricey, yet factories are increasingly using "soft" silicone to build their dolls. Until I can test this myself, I can't provide definitive feedback.

– Stand feet option is a must.

If you opt against the recommended course of action, your sex doll torso's "tibias" may puncture her feet upon being laid on the floor, resulting in extreme harm. The only justification to disregard this warning is if you are a foot fetishist.

– Soft skin is a must

If you prefer life size sex dolls with soft skin, select that option unless you plan on being rough with the doll; then opt for the hard skin option.

– Breasts – filled? Hollow? Gel?

At this time, WM, Irontech, and Piper offer gel breasts. Unfortunately, this option is incompatible with the ultra-soft skin option. During transit there have been issues that cause the breasts to burst before arrival! Gel breasts offer a mild jiggle effect. I consider hollow breasts and ultra-soft skin to be more natural than gel breasts and default skin. They resemble silicone implants more closely.

Tantaly Mia Realistic Doggystyle BBW Big Booty Torso Sex Dolls

– Vagina – insert or built-in?

If it is convenient to bring your toy to a shower, select the integrated vagina; however, if it is difficult to bring her to a place where she can be quickly and easily cleaned, opt for the exchangeable one.

– The Resin tongue and teeth

Kits are firm, not pliable and cannot be used for oral activities. Unless you desire a vampiric or fantastical appearance, I would not recommend them.

– Articulated fingers

The enhancements are aesthetically pleasing and contribute to the feeling of authenticity. The protrusions replicate the look of wires, and they appear to be durable and long-lasting.

– Soft butt

Choosing a doll made of silicone is a must as it is a far more durable material compared to those made with a more rigid construction, avoiding a uncomfortable experience due to an overly hardened backside.

– WMDoll breathing system

Soon to be assessed!

– Heads with movable jaws

This upgrade is definitely an improvement! However, with a depth of only 5 inches, it can't accommodate much in terms of oral cavity size.

That wraps up the overview. If you have any ideas for other potential options, feel free to share in the comments section.


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