How to Cleaning and Drying Your Sex Doll Torso?

The maintenance and cleaning of sex doll torsos are essential for their longevity. Following proper techniques can prolong their use and ensure a satisfactory experience. Learn effective methods for cleaning, drying, and caring for your sex doll torso in this guide, presented from a professional and objective perspective.

First step: preparing a sex torso cleaner.

Upon utilizing sex, the initial step is to avoid immediately washing it, rather, one should first prepare the appropriate cleaner.

Why do I have to use a sex toy torso cleaner?

If semen is present, it can be difficult to fully remove without proper cleaning. Water alone may not be effective and can leave a sticky residue. However, for non-ejaculateed tunnels, water can still be used for cleaning. Consider using a suitable cleaner for optimal results.

The merchant recommends using a neutral cleaner like shower gel, or a professional sex toy cleaner. However, soap should be avoided as it is usually weakly alkaline and can damage the material. It is also advised not to use alcohol on the life size sex doll torso as it can erode the tpe material and cause invisible pits that can trap bacteria. Using a scientific and objective tone, rely on statements of fact and domain expertise when cleaning your sex doll.

According to industry standards, it is not recommended to directly apply shower gel to sex doll tunnels. This is because most shower gels have a semi-solid texture which can easily get stuck in the intricate grooves of the tunnel. To properly clean the tunnel and prevent bacterial growth, first squeeze the shower gel into a separate container, add water and mix to create a lather, and then use this solution to clean the tunnels. This will ensure thorough cleaning without leaving any residue.

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Second step: proceed to clean using.

Upon completing the bubble water, the tunnels may now be washed.

How should it be properly cleaned?

Always follow the merchant's instructions when cleaning your nails. It is recommended to trim them beforehand to avoid scratching the tunnel and promoting bacteria growth. Additionally, use cold water for washing to prevent damage to the tpe material.

Before use, rinse out the inside of the tunnel by gently washing away any semen and lubricating fluid. Next, pour a small amount of bubble water into the tunnel and use your fingertips to thoroughly scrub every groove and corner of the inner wall. To ensure all residue is removed, align the tunnel's hole with a faucet and continue washing with water while using your hands to scrub. This process will eliminate any sticky feeling and prevent the tunnel from becoming smelly or moldy from leftover detergent, lubricant, or semen.

Third step: ensure that your torso sex doll is dry.

To properly dry your BBW sex doll, gently open the tunnel and shake out any excess water. Then, use a clean dry cloth or napkin to dry the outside. If the inside remains wet and cannot be dried quickly, use specialized absorbent sticks. These absorbent sticks are made of diatomaceous earth, a non-toxic and tasteless sedimentary rock often used in building materials and kitchen utensils for its strong water absorption.

Insert the diatomite moisture-absorbing stick into the tunnel and press against the inner wall to effectively absorb moisture from all corners (avoid breaking the stick). After 3-5 minutes, remove it before it becomes oversaturated. Do not leave it in for extended periods as this can affect its function. Once removed, allow the stick to naturally evaporate before reusing it.

Four step: follow up maintenance

When the torso sex doll is dry, it should not be immediately placed into a drawer. Instead, allow it to evaporate any remaining water vapor in a well-ventilated area indoors for several hours to half a day. Please note that it should not be taken to a balcony to dry, as the excessive sunlight may cause damage or dissolution to the sex doll.

After drying the cheap sex doll, it is important to follow the next step to prolong its lifespan. Sprinkle a small amount of baby powder or cornstarch on the surface of the doll to reduce oiliness and stickiness. Use your fingertips to evenly spread the powder and then store the doll in a cool place, such as a drawer. This will ensure its safekeeping.


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