PopTorso: The Best Option for Customizing Your Own Sex Doll Torsos!

PopTorso provides an extensive selection of customizable female and male sex doll torsos designed to satisfy your distinct desires and fantasies. With a diverse range of choices and functionalities to choose from, you can craft the ideal partner for your intimate encounters.

Skin Tone

Select your desired skin tone to customize your sex doll torso. PopTorso provides a range of shades, including fair, light-tan, tan, and ebony, to match your desired complexion.

Body Type

When personalizing your own sex doll torso, you have the option to select from a variety of body types to meet your preferences. PopTorso offers a diverse range of choices to cater to your desired figure, whether it be slim or curvy. Please note that if a specific doll is chosen, adjustments to the size of the bust and buttocks cannot be made.

Labia Color and Areola Size & Color

Personalize your sex doll's appearance by selecting the ideal areola color, areola size, and labia color. PopTorso provides a variety of alluring options, ranging from pink to dark coffee areola, giving you full control over the desired aesthetic. Customize your sex doll's torso by choosing from 2.5cm to 6cm areola sizes!

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Pubic Hair

For those who desire a more natural appearance, PopTorso provides the option to add pubic hair to your personalized life size sex doll torso. Full, trimmed, or no pubic hair are all available for selection.

Various Methods for Vaginal Stimulation

Add a vaginal sucking device and customize the experience of your personal sex doll with PopTorso's wide range of options. These include a variety of moaning sounds in different languages and multiple suction modes, allowing for a fully personalized and satisfying fantasy experience.

Vaginal Tunnels

For optimal sexual satisfaction, select your desired vaginal type from PopTorso's variety of choices. Enjoy the perfect experience with your partner by choosing from our 5 unique inner textures. Please reach out to our support team to confirm your tunnel preferences.

Tan Lines

Customize your own sex doll torsos at PopTorso by incorporating unique and customizable tan lines. These tan lines can add a touch of playfulness and realism to your female sex doll, and can be tailored to your preferences and fantasies with the use of picture references. Create the illusion of curves or a bikini/swimsuit with tan lines, making them a perfect addition to your customized sex doll torso.


Customize your sex doll experience with PopTorso accessories and elevate your intimacy. From dildos to removable vaginas and heating rods, PopTorso offers a variety of options to create a realistic and satisfying encounter. With endless possibilities and a range of features, you can truly personalize your own sex doll torso for the perfect companion.


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