How to Buy Clothes For Your Sex Doll Torso

Selecting the correct skin hue, breast size and vagina type is essential in creating an immaculate sex doll torso - but dressing her is no less crucial. When presented with the appropriate outfits, your real love doll will appear more lifelike and aesthetically pleasing. Just as with a human female, you can clothe your sex doll appropriately depending on the context or atmosphere. As the old proverb goes - variety is the spice of life.

If you lack experience in shopping for women's apparel, purchasing clothing for your female sex doll can be challenging. This article will provide guidance on how to buy the ideal apparel for your sex doll from Poptorso, dressing it, and minor details to consider.

What Kind Of Clothes Are Appropriate For Use with Sex Dolls?

Avoid materials such as latex, leather, denim, and wool which may stain your sex doll's skin and are difficult to remove without causing damage. Select fabrics like cotton, silk, lace, nylon, spandex, and velvet to ensure harmonious coexistence with your sex doll's skin.

Dark clothing can stain your sex doll, even post-washing, more than lighter-colored clothes. Therefore, to protect your Life size sex doll from discoloration, abstain from wearing dark clothes. Nonetheless, if you still prefer wearing them, then washing the garment several times and checking if it dyes a piece of TPE or a hidden spot of your sex doll (e.g., the top of your thigh) is recommended. Additionally, wearing tight clothing on your sex doll for a prolonged time can cause dents and marks, so it is wise to avoid it, or limit the duration of wearing it.

Tantaly Sex Doll

What Types Of Clothing Are Appropriate For Sex Dolls?

This strappy bikini is highly accurate and free from mistakes.

The body dimensions of our sex dolls are designed to match those of the human body in real life. As such, these dolls may not be compatible with regular underwear. That's why we suggest the adjustable strappy bikini, a practical item that can fit mid-sized and mini-sized dolls with less worry about the measurements being wrong. Not only is it practical, it's also sexy!

Sexy Lingerie

Ensure you purchase lingerie for your doll in the correct size. Consider purchasing semi-transparent garments to show off her nipples and privates. Lace underwear also looks beautiful on your real doll, as it is a fabric which conveys both allure and innocence.

Sports undies

If you want to give your sex doll a sporty yet sexy look, athletic shorts and sports undies are a great choice. These garments are typically loose and stretchy, making them more comfortable on sex dolls. Consider taking precise measurements of your sex doll before purchasing sports undies to help avoid the risk of poor fit.

You may opt to purchase stockings for a full-size sex doll to enhance the realistic appeal.

Discover the Best Way to Select Clothing That Fits Perfectly

To ensure the perfect fit when purchasing sex doll clothes, one must measure its upper bust, lower bust, waist, and hip dimensions and compare with the size charts provided by the website. If one is not certain about the size, it is suggested to consult the lingerie store based on the sex doll measurements.

How To Dress Up Your Sex Doll Better?

Owning a TPE sex doll allows you to dress it up exactly how you please - and even indulge in role-play. If you're not sure what to clothe your love doll in, our Reddit is a great source of inspiration. Many of the fans on there post pictures of dress-ups, from sweet to sexy. See for yourself the variety of styles the owners of our dolls come up with. Fortunately, the options for dressing up your doll are vast - from experimenting with cosplay to making your wildest dreams come true. Discover the countless possibilities and play with your imagination!


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