How is a sex doll torso different from a full-size sex doll?

Sex Doll Torso Adult Toy Masturbator

1. Size and weight: The torso sex doll refers to a doll with only the lower body or only specific parts of the body, while a full-sex doll refers to the function of simulating sexual behavior in the entire human body, including the head, upper body, lower body, and other parts. Similar to the feeling of the real human body. Full-size sex dolls also typically feature advanced electronics and artificial intelligence to provide a more realistic sexual and interactive experience. Therefore, compared with the torso sex dolls, full-size dolls have more advanced and complex designs and production in terms of appearance, performance, and user experience.

2. Sexual experience: the design of the torso sex doll only simulates the lower part of the body, so its sexual experience is relatively simple and can only provide one way of sex. The full-size sex doll simulates the entire human body, which can provide a more comprehensive, diverse, and realistic sexual experience. But whether it's a sex doll torso or a full sex doll, you can enjoy different sex positions such as the missionary, doggy style, and cowgirl, among others.

3. Price: Due to the differences in the manufacturing process, materials, and technology, the price of the torso of a sex doll is relatively more affordable, while the price of a full-size sex doll is higher.

4. Storage method: The torso sex doll is relatively small and easy to store, and can be placed in a drawer. The manufacturing materials and designs are different. Full-size dolls are made of more materials than sex dolls. Many materials need to be close to the actual skin feeling of human beings, and they are more particular about storage. Special dust-proof cabinets or sealed packaging may be required. to defend.

In summary, sex doll torsos and full sex dolls differ in size and weight, sexual experience feel, price, and storage methods. If you're on a tight budget or don't have the space for a full sex doll, a sex doll torso might be the best option. However, if you want a full-sex experience and have enough space for a full-sex doll, a full-sex doll is the better choice.


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