Wigging Out: How to Perfectly Style Your Love Doll's Hair

We’ve learned about the pros and cons of wigs and implanted hair before, and wigs are widely used for all kinds of dolls. Wigs offer a colorful array of styling options for real dolls, but wearing them can be a skillful task. In this post, we will share with you the straightforward steps to properly put a wig on a life size sex doll. Wigs are a popular choice for sex doll torso enthusiasts, providing a variety of styles to choose from. However, putting on a wig correctly can take some practice. Thankfully, PopTorso has provided easy-to-follow steps for applying wigs to their dolls, ensuring a flawless look every time.

1. Preparing and Checking

Prepare the wig for use by carefully unboxing it and inspecting its condition. Gently comb through the hair to ensure it is free of tangles or knots, avoiding any difficulties while wearing.

2. Manipulating the Resistance Bands

Be sure to take note of the stretch bands that can be adjusted within the inner structure of the wig. Make the necessary modifications by moving the clasps to the center position, which allows for minor tweaks on either side, ensuring a well-balanced and comfortable fit.

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3. Alignment of the Front and Securing at the Back

Position the wig near the doll's forehead and adjust it to your preference. Use your hand to secure the frontal section, then carefully place the back end of the wig on the back of the doll's head. Keep the frontal section stable throughout to ensure a comfortable fit.

4. Organizing the Wig Net

After confirming that the wig is properly positioned, carefully check both sides of the wig net to ensure a secure fit on the doll's head without any visible bumps or dips. If needed, minor adjustments can be made to the wig net, but avoid forcefully pulling the wig to avoid potential damage. If the desired look is not achieved, remove the wig and repeat the process.

5. Inspecting the Adjustment Straps

The stretch bands must be carefully checked to avoid any looseness or gaps. If they are too loose and causing the wig to fall off easily, remove the wig, adjust the bands, and repeat the above steps. This will ensure a snug fit of the bands on the doll's head for a secure wearing experience.

6. Blending and Finishing

Following the above steps and ensuring the wig is securely in place, gently comb the wig's hair using smooth motions to achieve a natural and polished look.

Easily enhance the visual appeal of your dolls by following these simple steps to put on wigs. Every minor detail can make a big difference, giving your bbw sex dolls a unique charm. Whether for everyday fun or special events, our concise guidelines will help you create stunning doll hairstyles for any occasion.


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