Steps to Easily Install Your Sex Doll's Head!

As an expert in the product, I understand that there are multiple reasons for changing a sex doll's head. This can include repairing damage, giving it a new appearance, or adding variety to your experience. Before you proceed with the process of replacing a torso sex doll head, it is essential to research the various bolts used in sex dolls. Additionally, you should carefully examine the doll's skin and overall design to ensure that the new head complements the body. While it may appear complex, the task of changing a sex doll's head can be easily mastered. PopTorso is here to assist you with this process.

Reasons to Consider Changing the Head of Your Sex Doll

Consider replacing the head of your life size sex doll due to natural wear and tear or for aesthetic reasons. Here are the benefits of replacing your sex doll's head:

  • Maintenance and hygiene
  • Crafting a captivating and engaging immersive experience for users.
  • Enhancing your sexual fantasies with more diversity.

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Learn to Swap a Sex Doll Head in Just 2 Easy Steps!

  • Follow the merchant's instructions when handling your sex doll's neck bolt. Hold the bolt from the back and tighten or loosen it in the threaded portion as needed. This is particularly useful for models with threaded bolts.
  • Secure the threaded pipe from the front of the neck by turning it until it is fully secured.


  • If your BBW sex doll has a pop-on neck bolt, simply insert the pop-on part into the doll's head.
  • Gently, yet firmly, insert the head into the neck cavity until it snaps securely in place.

Inside Tips for Installing a Head on a Sex Doll

Ensure that you possess all required tools before installing a new head on your big boobs sex doll, particularly if it is a threaded bolt head. When replacing the head, take precise and cautious actions to prevent any potential damage.

Important Considerations for Installing a New Head for Your Sex Doll

When selecting a sex doll head, consider both its size and lock-in mechanism. To enhance the realism of the experience, choose one with a skin tone that matches the rest of the sex doll. This will help maintain an immersive experience.

Is it possible to interchange sex doll heads?

It is important to note that big ass sex dolls vary significantly in size, material, and mechanics. Therefore, it is not possible to simply use any doll head as a replacement without proper research. Be sure to select a head that is compatible with the doll's model and size to avoid difficulties during installation.

Final thoughts

When it comes to changing the head of a sex doll, there are multiple approaches available. It is important to always understand the direction of the head's movement and the lock-in mechanism in order to protect both the doll and the head. Whether you are an expert in the industry or a first-time owner, the process is equally straightforward and simple. Use factual language and avoid subjective opinions or excessive punctuation.


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