The Surprising Truth About Men Who Marry Sex Dolls

Who are iDollators?

iDollators are individuals who have an intense fascination or emotional connection with realistic dolls, commonly known as "love dolls" or "sex dolls." iDollators often devote significant time to customizing their dolls to fulfill their fantasies. The more professional term for playdolls is Agalmatophilia, a sexual attraction to statues, dolls, mannequins, or similar figurative objects. While still a minority community, playdolls encompass a diverse range of people with their own unique experiences and perspectives on doll relationships. While some may view dolls as objects of desire or companionship, others may see them as works of art or outlets for creative expression.

What factors influence iDollators to select sex dolls as their preferred choice?

According to the research conducted by Kenneth R. Hanson, a community expert, the majority of life size sex doll owners are middle-aged individuals who have been in long-term relationships and are dissatisfied with human relationships. This includes heterosexual men who place blame on factors such as feminism and liberalism, while others simply prefer to remain single. Psychological companionship and a sense of connection are often lacking in these individuals' lives, leading them to find solace in the non-judgmental and dependable presence of a sex doll torso.

iDollators may find BBW sex dolls to be a means of creative expression, allowing them to delve into their fantasies, desires, and identities. These individuals view dolls as blank canvases for projecting their personalities and aspirations. There are numerous motivations behind each person's choice, but ultimately, it is a personal decision. This form of synthetic companionship is not exclusive to singles - even couples may use dolls to satisfy extramarital desires.

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Unlock the World of iDollators Life

According to iDollators like John and Davecat, their dolls are not just mere objects but rather become a real partner in their lives. With the use of AI technology, these dolls have their own bodies but share the same brain as their owner. From personality to social media presence, iDollators fulfill every aspect of their dolls' existence. Some even go as far as giving their dolls special gifts, like the RealBotix, to enhance their experience. Despite dressing and grooming their dolls, these individuals are well aware of the limitations of their relationship, with some even eventually moving away from the sexual aspect. Some iDollators even partake in a female sex doll congress, discussing various topics like style and maintenance tips. While there is still much to learn about this community, we welcome your comments and insights on iDollators.

Looking for more info on iDollators?

Additional resources for learning about the iDollator community include documentaries such as "Real Girl", "Silicone Soul", and "Guys and Dolls", as well as numerous articles and books such as "Love and Sex with Robots: The Evolution of Human-Robot Relationships" by David Levy. In addition, movies like "Made for Love" offer a glimpse into this unique community, as seen through the story of Hazel Green's father and his doll wife, Daine. Further information can also be found through videos, interviews, forums, and blogs written by iDollators themselves.


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