What the Funk is a Realistic Butt Sex Doll?!

Realistic Butts are one of the most sought-after sex toys among anal enthusiasts. They replicate the sensation of anal sex and have gained widespread popularity with couples and single men. Manufactured to meet individual needs and preferences, let's explore this incredible sex doll torso toy in more detail.

What is a Realistic Butt Sex Doll Torso?

This intimate accessory, known as a realistic butt or realistic ass, is a simulated anal sex toy that vibrates and recreates the sensation of anal pleasure. Uniquely designed with various sizes, shapes and materials, it is ideal for solo exploration or to enhance foreplay with your partner. As its descriptive moniker suggests, the realistic butt is designed to provide a real-life experience with the same amount and kind of pleasure derived from actual anal sex.

Climax Dolls Lisa BBW Super Big Size Ass Sex Doll Torso

What's the Benefits of Realistic Anal Sex Dolls?

Safe experimentation: For inexperienced users of anal play, using a lifelike anal sex toy can offer a secure and relaxed method to explore this kind of stimulation.

Improved sexual health: Incorporating a quality anal sex toy into your routine can be beneficial to sexual health. Anal stimulation can improve circulation and activate nerves in the region, promoting higher sexual performance and even enhanced prostate health for males.

Diverse range of options: Anal sex toys that provide lifelike sensation are available in a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and materials for individualized pleasure. Optional features like vibration and remote control can serve to further optimize the experience.

How We Tested Fake Butt Sex Toys?

We tested realistic butts, evaluating their quality and functionality via visual inspection, durability tests, and feedback from experienced sex toy users. To ensure you get the best product, it's imperative to undertake rigorous testing - read our blog post for more information. Material was also central, with silicone as the go-to material for top-notch products, albeit pricier than rubber and Cyberskin which lacked durability and precision.

What's Different Types of Realistic Ass Sex Dolls?

This sex toy comes in various shapes, sizes, materials and designs. We have selected realistic ass masturbators that are often employed for solo masturbation or used for foreplay.

The Realistic Pussy and Ass: This two-in-one big ass sex doll offers both an artificial pussy and a butt for enhanced pleasure.
Big ass masturbator: This model of realistic rear features a larger size when compared to other varieties, designed to cater to those who desire a bigger butt. Available in multiple shapes, colors, and materials.
The realistic butt fleshlight: This hand-controlled version of the realistic butt produces instant gratification and is ideal for travel, as it is lightweight and easily portable.


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