Unleash Your Inner Daredevil: Safely Piercing a Sex Doll

At PopTorso, a certified retailer of TPE sex dolls, we encourage your imagination. Whether you prefer pubic hair or pierced nipples, our collection offers customizable life size sex dolls to suit your specific fetishes.

Are you considering a piercing for your TPE sex doll but are unsure about the effects it may have on the skin? No need to worry! Our dolls are made with high-quality skin designed for piercing, allowing you to add earlobe, belly button, or even nipple piercings. Our comprehensive guide includes everything you need to know about piercing your TPE sex doll and the necessary tools to do so. Let's dive in and enhance your doll's appearance!

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What is a TPE Sex Doll?

Experience the ultimate pleasure with our premium TPE sex dolls from top brands like WM Dolls, Climax Doll, and Irontech Doll. Made from durable and lifelike thermoplastic elastomer, these dolls are designed to fulfill all your kinky fantasies. With realistic details and a soft touch, you can let your imagination run wild and customize your doll to your liking. Don't settle for low-quality dolls when you can have the best.

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Add Piercings to Your TPE Sex Doll!

Have you wondered about the process of piercing a sex doll? You may have thought it was complicated, but our detailed guide will show you how to successfully pierce your TPE sex doll without causing any damage. Here's an explanation of the steps involved:

Once you have selected a spot for piercing your curvy sex doll, carefully mark the area to ensure proper placement and prevent any mistakes or asymmetry. Be sure to unscrew the fixation ball on the earring, using a piercing needle or a long sewing needle to puncture the skin. Gently insert the earring and remove the needle, then reattach the fixation ball. Keep in mind that TPE is a dense material, so follow these steps to avoid causing damage to your love doll. The type of piercing is your choice, but make sure it is suitable for the desired area.

How to Pierce a Sex Doll's Nipple

The default TPE sex dolls do not come with piercings, but this tutorial will guide you on how to pierce your doll's nipples. The process is similar, but you will need to rotate the barbell while pushing it in and place the piercings further back from the tip of the nipple, as you would in real life.

Properly Caring for Your TPE Sex Doll and Their Piercings

Always remember to take proper care of your TPE sex doll, even if it is open to being pierced. It is important to choose piercings made from silver or gold, as some other metals may not be compatible with the delicate TPE material and can cause skin irritation. While we cannot determine which metals specifically cause this reaction, it is best to avoid using cheap plastic piercings. Whether the piercing enhances the appearance of your doll or not, maintaining cleanliness in the area is crucial.


With our specialized TPE sex dolls, you have the ability to customize your doll and make it unique to your preferences. Adding piercings to your doll's nipples, ears, or belly button is just one of the many options available. As a reputable reseller of high-quality TPE sex dolls, we at PopTorso are committed to providing you with the perfect companion that will fulfill all of your wildest dreams. Explore our collection today and find the perfect doll to take on your next adventure!


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