Reasons to Choose a Torso Sex Doll over a Full Size Sex Doll

Torso Sex Doll or a Full Size Sex Doll?

While a life size sex doll may initially catch your eye, a sex doll torso is a more suitable option for male masturbation due to various reasons. With a torso sex doll, you can dress them in sexy lingerie and position them as a companion on your couch. Additionally, the BBW sex doll torso's design is specifically crafted for fulfilling sexual desires.

The reality of purchasing this chesp sex doll torso is that it comes with a hefty price tag. It may take some time to save up enough to afford one, and then the question becomes: where will you store it? Keeping her on display may not be ideal, especially with guests coming over. Full-size dolls can also be heavy and hard to clean due to their materials. Is there a more practical solution to this issue?

Fortunately, there is a solution: torso sex dolls. While not as visually impressive as a full body sex doll, they offer practicality in many ways. In this piece, we will explore the top six reasons.

1. Torso dolls are priced lower in comparison to full size sex dolls.

One of the main advantages of torso dolls is their affordability in comparison to full size sex dolls. They are a cost-effective option for individuals on a budget, particularly for those new to the world of sex toys. Additionally, unlike full size sex dolls, they do not have to be returned to a rental shop, allowing for easy storage and access whenever desired.

Torso dolls typically start at a low price point of 100 dollars and can go up to 1000 dollars. In comparison, full-sized sex dolls usually begin at a minimum of 2000 dollars, making sex torso dolls a more affordable option. With such a reasonable price, you can even build a collection and try out different dolls to find the perfect fit. There are various body types of sex dolls available, allowing you to find the ideal one for your preferences.

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2. Torso sex dolls offer the convenience of easy storage and transport compared to full size sex dolls.

Torso dolls are more convenient for storage and transportation compared to full size sex dolls due to their lighter weight. They are also easier to take with while on the go or relocating as their smaller size doesn't take up too much space. Additionally, the reduced weight of torso dolls eliminates concerns about tipping over or potential damage. This makes them ideal for storage on a shelf in a closet, and they can even be discreetly tucked away among towels to avoid unwanted attention.

3. The torso dolls are more manageable in terms of maintenance compared to full-sized sex dolls.

Torso sex dolls are lighter than full size sex dolls, making them easier to carry and clean. You can simply wash them in the sink like a regular female sex doll without worrying about water damage. For a more thorough cleaning, you can even hose the doll down in the shower. Remember to clean both the inside and outside to prevent bacteria from accumulating. Due to their lack of limbs, torso sex dolls are also easier to manipulate and clean in your bathroom. This is because they are smaller and made of lighter materials, making them more maneuverable in your hands.

4. Torso dolls are less intimidating than full size sex dolls.

Full size sexdolls may seem intimidating and uncomfortable to use due to their larger size and need for more space, unlike Torso dolls. This can make it challenging to find a partner or use the busty sex dolls alone. Additionally, full-size sex dolls are typically designed to fulfill specific fantasies and may not be as realistic as Torso dolls. On the other hand, Torso dolls are designed to be more versatile and can be used by both partners or just one person, making it easier to find a partner and explore different ways to use them. With no head, hair, or eyes, Torso dolls are perfect for projecting your fantasies onto them. Simply close your eyes, place your hands on the breasts, and envision your ideal woman - she is now in your hands.

5. Torso dolls offer a more authentic experience compared to full-sized sex dolls.

Torso dolls are ideal for both men and women, as they offer a much more realistic experience compared to full-size counterparts. Unlike full-size sex dolls, torso dolls have a greater range of motion, realistic weight, and durability. With full-size dolls, the face is often fixed in one unattractive expression and the eyes clearly give away that it is not a real person. The wig on full-size dolls can also detract from the overall experience by feeling like plastic.

6. Torso dolls are a more cost-effective option compared to other male masturbators.

Torso dolls are priced lower compared to other male masturbators due to the lack of intricate components. While some may assume a lower price means lower quality, it should be noted that many manufacturers offer affordable options without sacrificing quality.


For those seeking a masturbation sex doll, a torso sex doll is typically the ideal choice due to its affordability, ease of storage and cleaning, and less intimidating design compared to full size sex dolls. While the decision between a sex torso doll and a full size sex doll is ultimately a personal preference, a torso sexdoll is often the more practical and cost-effective option.


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