Why do men like to have sex with bigass women?

Men's attraction to women with larger buttocks, often referred to as "big ass," can be attributed to a combination of evolutionary, psychological, cultural, and personal preference factors. Here are some reasons why men might find this feature particularly appealing:

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1. Evolutionary Factors

  • Sign of Fertility and Health:
    • From an evolutionary perspective, wide hips and larger buttocks are often associated with fertility. A well-defined waist-to-hip ratio signals reproductive health, which can be a subconscious factor in attraction.
  • Fat Storage for Pregnancy:
    • Evolutionarily, fat storage in the hips and buttocks can be an indicator of a woman's ability to sustain a pregnancy and provide for offspring, which might make these traits attractive on a primal level.

2. Psychological Factors

  • Sexual Dimorphism:
    • Larger buttocks are a trait that is typically more pronounced in women than men, highlighting sexual dimorphism (physical differences between sexes). This can accentuate femininity and appeal to heterosexual men.
  • Sensory Pleasure:
    • For many men, the tactile sensation of a larger, softer buttocks can enhance physical pleasure during sexual activity. The shape and feel can provide a unique and enjoyable sensory experience.

3. Cultural Influences

  • Media and Pop Culture:
    • The media plays a significant role in shaping beauty standards. Over the past few decades, celebrities and influencers who embrace and celebrate their curves, such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Nicki Minaj, have popularized the appeal of larger buttocks.
  • Cultural Norms and Preferences:
    • In many cultures, larger buttocks are seen as a symbol of beauty and desirability. These cultural norms can influence individual preferences and ideals of attractiveness.

4. Personal Preferences

  • Individual Taste:
    • Attraction is highly personal and can vary widely among individuals. Some men might simply prefer the aesthetics of larger buttocks based on their unique experiences and tastes.
  • Positive Associations:
    • Personal experiences and positive associations with women who have larger buttocks can reinforce this preference. These experiences might include previous relationships or sexual encounters that were particularly enjoyable.

5. Visual Appeal

  • Curves and Proportions:
    • Larger buttocks contribute to an hourglass figure, which is often celebrated for its symmetry and balance. This shape can be visually appealing and is often highlighted in fashion and art.
  • Movement and Grace:
    • The way larger buttocks move can be attractive to some men. The sway and natural movement can add to a woman's allure and femininity.


Men's attraction to women with larger buttocks is multifaceted, influenced by evolutionary biology, psychological factors, cultural norms, and personal preferences. The combination of these elements contributes to the widespread appeal and fascination with this physical trait. Understanding these underlying reasons can provide insight into why this particular feature is celebrated and desired by many.


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