The Wild Side: How to Enjoy Pleasure with a Sex Doll Anal

Before indulging in anal intercourse with a sex doll torso, there are certain favorable elements to consider.

Preparation: Prior to engaging in anal sex with a life size sex doll, be sure the product is intended for such penetration. Look for BBW sex doll with a dedicated anal opening or those that enable the insertion of alternative orifices. Adhere to the manufacturer's directions for cleaning and upkeep of the doll.

Lubrication: To maximize comfort and pleasure, lubrication is paramount. For the best results, use liberal amounts of either a water-based or silicone-based lube on both the anal opening of the doll and the penetrating object to reduce drag and optimize pleasure.

Control and Testing: Engaging in anal intercourse with a big ass sex doll offers users total control and experimentation capabilities. The speed, level, and intensity can be adjusted to suit individual desires. Especially beneficial for those just beginning to explore anal stimulation, or seeking to refine their skills and boost assurance.

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Immersive Feel: Sex dolls often have an authentic-feeling texture, which can help to increase pleasure during anal activity. The material of the dolls can mimic the sensation of traditional intercourse, heightening the pleasure of the event.

Safe and Respectful Discovery: Exploring sexual desires and fantasies with a sex doll allows for a safe, controlled environment, free of the need for consent or boundary considerations. Using a sex doll facilitates the ability to try out different positions, techniques, and fantasies which might not be possible or comfortable with a human partner.

Customized Enjoyment: Personal pleasure can be tailored with customizable sex dolls. Options range from size and shape to adjusting the tightness or firmness of the anal. You can have a personalized experience that exactly meets your needs and satisfies your fantasy.

Completely Safe from Sexually Transmitted Infections and Unplanned Pregnancies: Engaging with a sex doll for anal sex eliminates any potential risks from sexually transmitted infections or pregnancy, allowing for a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

Prioritizing consent, respect, and safety should be a baseline when engaging in sexual activities with either a partner or a sex doll. Anal sex with a sex doll can be enjoyable and rewarding, however, it is important to proceed with caution, open communication, and set personal guidelines.


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