Unlock Privacy with Tantaly's Latest 2nd Package

Tantaly 2nd Gen Privacy Package

The Tantaly 2nd Gen package offers features for handling, privacy, and storage.

Hear feedback from customers:

Following our market research, we discovered that our customers were experiencing difficulty with product handling and secure storage, so we decided to enhance our packaging. Tantaly eliminated the Styrofoam box from the product's box and replaced it with a new design that provides better protection, while also preventing the hassle.

The Tantaly packaging previously comprised of four levels of protection, in order from exterior to interior: normal packaging, a Tantaly Sex Doll Torso box, a Styrofoam box, and a frosted plastic bag.

Tantaly sex doll old packaging

One of order Tantaly doll customers contacted us with a complaint after they received the product. To test it, Tantaly team members attempted to move Monroe to the second floor solo and found the package was too large and lacked an easy-to-grab surface. This prompted us to take action and make improvements.


Hence, we undertook meticulous research into the supply chain of factories; took customer opinions into account; and crafted and tested many designs. This eventually led to the creation of a black PVC handbag.

Tantaly pull-out bag white

This Tantaly handbag is crafted from 100% polyester and PVC and is designed to encase a Styrofoam box. The sturdy straps on the sides make it easy to transport the doll and allow the user to safely carry the bag by connecting the straps and using the adhesive area in the middle to secure it and reduce skin friction.


Tantaly team custom-crafted a side bag especially for this customer in order to offer additional storage space for accessories. This side bag holds most accessories separately, so access is easy and no Styrofoam box needs to be opened.

Achieve secure and confidential storage

Additionally, we appreciate the need for discretion and understand that not everyone is comfortable with Tantaly sex toys. To ensure your privacy, we have included a black bag with your purchase. This way, you don't have to worry about anyone stumbling across your order.

Tantaly Love Doll can easily blend in with everyday life; it has a black bag exterior that resembles those used for storing musical instruments or furniture boxes. Its opaque black coloring conceals the items inside, allowing for versatile placement in a multitude of settings. Additionally, the wrap can be covered with calico to double as an end table in any bedroom.

Tantaly's new packaging includes five layers, beginning with the outermost layer of normal packaging and progressing inwards to a Tantaly product box, a black handbag, a Styrofoam box and finally a frosted plastic bag.


Robust shielding for extended functioning and sanitary storing

Unzip the Tantaly black handbag to expose the Styrofoam box, the protective casing of the doll that we have consistently used.

01. Featuring strong airtightness, the Styrofoam box is equipped with dustproof, airproof, and oxidation-resisting characteristics, making it the ideal way to store your doll when not in use and helping preserve its service life.

02. Featuring improved protection for Tantabosom and Tantabutt products, which are particularly delicate yet genuine, this styrofoam box is precisely fitted to the product, with indentations designed to fit the doll's body for a seamless, snug fit.

Tantaly styrofoam box

Storing the doll in a Styrofoam box when not in use is highly recommended; this helps to maintain the doll's shape over an extended period and prevent any deformation.

The other three layers

Taking into account considerations of privacy and usability, the design of the remaining three layers of Tantaly packaging is also incorporated.


Normal packaging

Tantaly normal box

The exterior layer of the outer boxes looks identical to regular express delivery boxes, without any explicit content or graphics. The box containing the dolls may be quite hefty, but phrases such as "furniture" can be used to satisfy inquisitive neighbors or delivery personnel. Keep in mind that a trolley may be useful if you opt for pickup at the express site.


Tantaly product box


Tantaly has upgraded its color box, with a brighter hue for aesthetic appeal. Instead of large-scale images of big boobs sex dolls or beauties, the new box features product details and instructions on using the product more efficiently.



Frosted plastic bag

Ensuring optimum protection, the product is sealed within a matte white, frosted plastic bag at the innermost part to keep out air and dust until it is received by the customer.


Tantaly ensures an unmatched experience with our carefully crafted packages. Each layer is designed with your satisfaction in mind. “You deserve better!” is our motto, and we are grateful for customer feedback that allows us to improve and bring you the ultimate experience.


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