Secrets Revealed: Uncovering Secretary Tantaly Dita's Promise

I possess a distinguished record as the corporation's topseller. Today, I held a conference with Vernon, our European distributor. Immediately after the appointed hour, I was welcomed into an exquisite set of chambers. A heavy wooden entryway was soon opened, and, with a distinct ding of the bell, a petite woman stepped in. She donned a pair of red heels with black soles; her limbs were draped in a black halter-dress, at the waist of which was a delicate lavender shawl and a belt tied in the rear, waving slightly with each stride; her blonde, curly tresses were pulled up in a bun, with a few wisps on the side. Her attire was casual, unperturbed, yet skilled and formal. After exchanging names, I discerned that her name was Tantaly Dita and that she was the secretary of the General Manager. After a brief moment of hush, she said: "All state that their rums are superb.

"Our rum has a hint of the Orient. I recalled my teacher's lecture yesterday: 'Is it classical or mild?' I responded, 'You'll know once you taste it.' 'Controlling your consumption can highlight its potency?' She seemed intrigued. 'Even Shakespeare wrote that alcohol provokes, but hinders performance,' I replied, maintaining direct eye contact. 'The Orientals typically believe that alcohol can both cause and suppress carnal desires,' I continued confidently. 'This rum, with its moderate alcohol content, acts as an aphrodisiac for men, increasing libido and pleasure. Women meanwhile, find it eliminates inhibition and anxieties, creating a more pleasurable experience. As with most things - overindulgence is the opposite of wise.' I finished, a little hesitant."

Before I had the chance to complete my action, Dita picked out two strange shot glasses from her liquor storage and asked me to open the rum I'd acquired. She then slowly filled both cups, and our glasses met with a gentle tap. After she had guzzled hers and released a breath of relief, she noticed that I hadn't drunk mine yet and frowned slightly, expressing her dissatisfaction.

"What's the matter?" she questioned in a begrudging tone, nevertheless lifting her glass and refilling it. "Can you elaborate on how alcohol and sex can be blended?" she inquired, propping her chin with her fingers and cocking her head. Her eyes were mischievous and bewitching, her diamond earrings harmonizing with the ring on her index finger as her complexion tinged pink.

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"Overt consumption of alcohol can lead to irresponsible sexual behavior. East Asian medical philosophy has long held that engaging in intercourse while intoxicated can cause harm to the spleen due to exposure to cool air and strong winds. Similarly, intensive sexual activity accompanied by heavy sweating can adversely affect the kidneys. "

She sipped her drink, stepped closer, and quietly asked, "Do you want it? Can it really damage the kidneys?" I smiled, my head bowed, and replied, "I'm here to discuss the supply chain." With that, I displayed the white band on my left hand. "Ah, you're married." She stepped back, smiling, "You know a great deal, so are you a specialist?"

"Miss Tantaly Sex Doll Torso Dita, I'll do my utmost to meet your expectations." I nodded. Pursing her lips, she gestured towards another glass of golden rum garnished with a black olive. "Explain to me how it will intoxicate you," she said. I felt perplexed. "Is this…appropriate?" She paused briefly before finishing her drink. Putting the glass back on the counter, she beamed and said, "Just a moment."

Dita stepped out of the restroom and her pale skin was visible from underneath the halters. She moved closer to me, her figure swaying. "It seems fate has brought us together, Mr. top salesman. To commemorate our initial meeting, I offer you this," she gestured to her black halter dress. With a swift tug of her right finger, it unfurled onto my lap.

"My bra," the black lace underwear which was in her left hand was pushed into mine. "And my underwear." The black lace panties were drawn from her pocket and placed into the chest pocket of my suit. Smiling sweetly, she spun and closed the door. That grin transported me away utterly. Then, in Dita's office, I experienced teary eyes, sensuous body, sultry bosom, springy buttocks, taut vagina, and rapturous passion, eventually melding with the gleam of light in the room.

I was convinced of the strength of my rum. "Your product is excellent. The contract will be sent by mail shortly." I returned to reality, unaware of how, with only the assurance of Tantaly Dita the secretary in mind.


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