Things You Must Know After Buying a Tantaly Doll

About Tantaly

Tantaly is an international sex toy company driving innovation in the industry with their in-house designed, premium torso sex dolls. Headquartered in three major locations, L.A, Berlin, and Hong Kong, the firm has established itself as a leading name in the sex doll industry as they distribute their products worldwide. Adopting the mantra of ‘Do Real, Be Real’, Tantaly strives to provide customers with the most lifelike and captivating sex experiences for over a decade and have impacted the sex lives of many throughout this period.

What Materials Are Tantaly Sex Dolls Constructed From?

Tantaly dolls are crafted using thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), which can be more affordable than the alternative material for sex dolls—silicone. Pros of TPE include increased flexibility and realism, but it is also porous and more challenging to clean/maintain hygiene.

Despite the competitive pricing, Tantaly chose TPE as their material, making it hard to completely clean bacteria from the toy, and resulting in a faster deterioration of the product.

Tantaly How To Turn Up the Realism?

Even when using a realistic Tantaly sex doll torso, a temperature that is not warm enough can detract from the immersive experience. To maximize your satisfaction, we strongly recommend using a heating rod to improve the user experience.

Tantaly USB Heating Rod

Bringing added realism to your sexual experience with Tantaly dolls, this essential accessory offers a unique solution. The Tantaly heating rod warms your doll's body parts to the same temperature as a human body, providing a more lifelike sensation of penetration. For worry-free use, the rod has been specially crafted with round edges and is designed to stay within a safe temperature range for compatible Tantaly materials. Treat yourself to a truly memorable experience – no more cold holes!

How To Take Care of Your Tantaly Sex Doll?

After spending a substantial amount on a Tantaly sex doll, proper post-purchase care is important to maintain the quality and extend its lifespan. These are the maintenance tools we recommend for every Tantaly sex doll owner.

Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit

Cleaning any sex doll can be time-consuming, but the Tantaly Deluxe Care Kit makes it a breeze. Our lubricant applicator prevents expending too much product and targets inaccessible spots, while the douce washes away residue. Then, our drying stick absorbs moisture, so your doll is ready to be stored away in the included bag for the next adventure.

Tantaly Renewal Powder

Regular maintenance with a quality renewal powder is paramount for those who desire to keep their Tantaly sex doll feeling soft and supple. Sprinkling the skin after each use will ensure the material retains its realistic feeling texture, so that it can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Tantaly Doll Repair Kit

Small signs of wear and tear can appear on your doll over time due to the soft TPE material. These minor nicks can transform into major damage if they're left unchecked. The Tantaly repair kit has everything you need to fix these areas, including blocks of extra TPE material, an electric iron for melting and soldering, sex doll glue, and discoloration cream.

How to Best Use a Tantaly Sex Doll?

The long-anticipated day has arrived quickly and efficiently with Tantaly's customer service. Excitedly unbox your new sex doll and start enjoying your purchase.

Gather your doll and establish an atmosphere

Greet your new Tantaly sex doll and prepare to enter a realm of sensual pleasure. Be sure to don some sultry lingerie, warm up your lubricant, and get the heating rod ready. Set the mood with dimmed lighting and a tantalizing soundtrack, and enjoy the thrill of anticipation.

Position the doll correctly

If you've chosen a bulky model, you may find it challenging to relocate. To avoid any strain while carrying, it's best to position your doll before getting started. Taking the time for proper placement ensures that everything is ready when the fun begins.

Explore extensively

A Tantaly sex doll is engineered to bring your boldest dreams into reality. Its meticulous attention to detail and excellent construction guarantee your experiences will be as genuine as can be, but a sex doll also offers advantages that are unimaginable in the real sexual realm. Unleash your creativity, whatever the outcome, you can always count on a thrilling time!


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