What is WM Sex Dolls and How Does it Work?

Many people around the globe adore Poptorso WM Sex Dolls—the naughty sex toy that's kept people swooning for years! Whether your thing is babes or blow-up dolls, there's surely a WM Sex Doll that'll make you go wild! So what're you waiting for? Let's jump right in and find what your heart desires!

What are WM Sex Dolls?

WM sex dolls, created and sold by Poptorso.com, are crafted from TPE for realistic feel and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From curvaceous female forms to slim and sultry figures, you'll have plenty of choices. You can even customize many elements of WM dolls for a personalized and highly stimulating experience!

Where Can I Buy a WM Sex Doll?

Right here, Poptorso is WM brand agent, we will provide you with the most realistic and authentic WM sex doll torso, we are the most effective adult store on-line.To ensure that you shop with confidence, we have partnered with the world's most renowned sex toy vendors only. This way, you can be sure that our selection is trusted by thousands and thousands of people.

WM Lacus BBW Life-size Muscle Female Big Breast Torso Sex Dolls Love Toys

How to Clean WM Sex Dolls?

Sanitizing your WM life size sex dolls after each use is essential to maintain their condition. We've provided resources to aid in this process, making it straightforward and uncomplicated.

Porous Materials

Due to their porous nature, soft plastic, hard plastic, jelly, rubber, and Cyberskin materials cannot be fully sterilized, as minute particles and bacteria may enter the surface.

It is highly advised to use a condom with these toys, especially when sharing. Clean with mild soap and water, then gently dry with a towel. Take care when cleaning and drying, as these materials are likely to be damaged if handled roughly. Make sure toys are completely dry before storing.

Non-propous Materials

All silicone, glass, stainless steel and certain hard plastics are safe to clean using a mild soap, just as you would use on your body, and warm water. Exercise caution when washing toys with electrical components.

Non-electrical sex toys made of silicone and stainless steel can be boiled to sanitise them.

The Sex Toys with Electrical Components

Ensure extra caution and check toy instructions when cleaning toys equipped with electrical components. Use a soft cloth and a mild soap to wipe the toy, or use a designated sex toy cleaner or cleaning wipe to sanitize without exposing electrical parts to water.

What Lube Should I Use With My WM Sex Dolls?

Water-based lube is our top choice for many reasons. Most notably, its body safety provides assurance of no harm to you or your silicone or TPE dolls. In addition, it won't leave a sticky or unpleasant residue after use.


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