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Hight Quality Half Body, Hips, Climax Fat Legs For Great Fun

A pair of supple legs can satisfy your craving for stimulating sexual encounters. Now you can choose the Climax Fat Legs that you like. In addition, the generously curvaceous backside can take anything you have to offer. Whether you'd like to spank the buttocks or thrust deep into the inviting orifice, the Climax legs are always ready for your pleasure. Make any standing sex position you could ever desire come true - there is no other sex doll torso that can compare. It is made of TPE, is super-soft and lifelike, and has an embedded structure that makes it easy to move into whatever pose you wish.

Climax Dolls feature ultra sexy, thick legs that are perfect for those with a leg fetish. With a bendable, poseable steel skeleton, you can achieve the desired positions needed to reach the ultimate climax. Developed with their renowned TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer) formula, Climax Leg Dolls are both hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, and the unique formula provides a soft, realistic touch and feel to the dolls that is unparalleled. Highly researched and tested, Sex Doll Legs are truly made for ultimate pleasure.

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