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Climax Silicone sex dolls are crafted from silicone, a high-quality, malleable and ultra-soft material. It is often utilized to form rubber, plastics, polishes, and lubricants because of its durable nature and capacity to withstand both chemical and temperature changes. Unlike TPE sex dolls, Climax silicone love dolls tend to be pricier and more lifelike. Certain doll producers have even invented a superior form of silicone, called "Platinum silicone," that can make them even more realistic, albeit more expensive. Plus, materials like plastic and imitation leather are normally used in the production of these Climax dolls. The foremost advantage of silicone is that it can retain its shape under high strain. It is also heat-resistant which permits it to be boiled for sterilization. Furthermore, its inert properties make it ideal as a medical implant, since it doesn't respond to most chemicals.

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