Sex Doll Torso Care

Keep your lovin' sexy dolly looking her best and livin' longer with these easy-peasy steps! Make sure she's always a stunner and never an old banger - after all, your sex toy torso is your partner, so it's only right she stays beautiful and sprightly.

So,to maintain the aesthetic beauty of your sex doll torso partner and improve her lifespan, follow the simple steps outlined below.

How To Sex With Your Sex Doll Torso?

When engaging in vaginal, anal, and oral sexual activities, it is recommended to use water-based lube to prevent skin tearing. Additionally, the joints, such as hands, wrists, and knees, are not able to support excessive pressure. To avoid strain, it is best to use a soft surface for activities like doggy-style. To ensure her comfort, pillows or a sofa may be used. Lastly, standing sex should be avoided as it may cause strain on her feet.

How Often Clean Your Real Doll Torso?

Clean your sex doll torso regularly, approximately every two weeks or at least monthly, with a mild antimicrobial soap. Shower with your doll, but do not submerge her head or neck under the water. Use a soft cloth and soap to wipe her face and a soft towel to dry her. Avoid using a hairdryer or other heated devices. To maintain soft skin, brush baby powder on her.

Vaginal, Anal, Oral Canals Cleaning Ways

TPE skin is more permeable than silicone, so it requires regular cleaning after use to avoid bacterial growth. To guarantee thorough cleaning, using a condom is recommended. To clean the canals, inject mild antibacterial-soap-water in using a sex-doll vaginal irrigator. Rinse with clean water until all soap residue is eliminated and then dry completely. Lastly, apply baby powder to all parts, including inside the canals.

Sex Doll Torso Skin Care Ways

To keep the sex torso doll's skin looking lifelike and smooth, use a brush to apply baby powder when the body is dry. Additionally, ensure clothing is color transfer resistant and wash it a few times to prevent staining. If staining occurs, use TPE Sex Doll Stain Removal or olive oil and a wet cloth to wipe it away. Avoid contact with magazines, colored leather, newspapers, or any other materials that may transfer color. Lastly, store the doll in a dry, shady area away from sunlight.

Sex Toy Torso Skeleton Care Ways

Your sex doll torso has a metal skeleton for flexible movement of her limbs and body. Note that 6YE dolls have 360-degree joints allowing full range motion. For all love dolls, avoid extreme force when moving joints and do not knock against hard surfaces or drop her. Sharp objects may harm the doll, so try to keep her away from them. Additionally, avoid leaving her in the same position for long periods; if so, the TPE may alter her shape and flatten her buttocks. We suggest hanging up your doll; a suspension kit is available to help.

Sex Torso Wig Care Ways

Detach the wig from the wearer and launder with a gentle shampoo and conditioner. Allow to air dry, then brush from the nape up.

How Long Can Torso Female Sex Dolls Be Used?

Our TPE & Silicone is medical-grade material and has attained numerous safety certifications. It's safe and soft for normal use and can last 5-10 years or longer. To ensure longer use, be gentle with your sex doll, avoid wearing faded clothes, and keep her head away from water.

Used Your Love Dolls With Carefully

Ensure the health and wellbeing of your beloved doll partner—never share her with anyone to avoid the potential for disease transmission. Thoroughly clean her canals with antibacterial soap to prevent the growth of bacteria, and be sure to dry completely after each use. To reduce the risk of bacterial growth, it's suggested to also use a condom. For added safety, always use water-based lube when engaging in sexual activities to guard against tearing of her skin.

How To Repair TPE Love Doll Torso?

Before attempting to repair a scratch or cut on the surface, make sure to clean the area thoroughly. If the surface has tension whilst applying glue, this is the time to do so. The drying duration is approximately 30 minutes. To remove stains, TPE stain remover is recommended. Make-up removal oil will take care of lipstick and dirt, and to stick nails and lashes, a strong adhesive has to be used.

In the event that your love doll begins to show signs of wear, Poptorso's Sex Doll Repair Kit provides all of the necessary items to fix your adult toy - like an electric iron, TPE glue, discoloration cream, and four pieces of TPE material plus a power adapter. The kit is also effective at removing dirt and grime!

How To Install Sex Torso Doll Head?

The sex doll's head and torso body must be detached for shipping; a metal bolt is necessary for installation. Gently insert the bolt into the neck hole, and the head can be placed onto the body.