Kunde Sex Doll anmeldelse

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Almost perfect!

This is a great torso that could be even better. The cock, balls, and breasts are fantastic and you won't be disappointed. The only criticism is the shape of the ass. It's not the best to look at, though it feels great. If Tantaly could add this cock and balls to something like the Brittany torso, then they'd have a home run. Still, a great addition to the lineup.

Highly Recommend Candice

After having owned and Candice for a few months now and using her a lot, I can safely say that she might have been one of my best recent purchases. She's the perfect size and has more realistic proportions to the other smaller dolls offered. At first she can seem a little awkward to carry because of her weight distribution, but I easily became used to it and have no problems carrying her now. Her love tunnel isn't as tight as some of the other dolls, but she definitely grips you in the right places. Her anal tunnel, on the other hand, is very tight and a lot of fun to use. I considered Candice to be the best doll for doggy and anal positions. As for her skin quality and materials, she still looks brand new despite me putting her through months of rigorous use. Tantaly did an amazing job creating Candice, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase a doll.

It's a work of art

I can recommend this fat sex doll torso. I've tried it a few times and it's really nice when you're watching porn. The vagina pattern is close to the real thing. If you keep your pace a little slower, you'll feel better. Big enough, but not as big as a real girl's butt. But this does not affect usage. Her curves and skin textures are perfectly designed.

Great feeling and weight

The detail to the curves and feel of the waist, butt and breasts adds a lot to the experience.
The realistic aesthetics sets it apart from other similar products.
This sex doll is heavier than others, but I think that's a good thing.
It's also as big as these dolls are made, with the exception of full body dolls.

The size of the doll is smaller than a real human, but not too small to diminish the suspension-of-disbelief.
The joints are awkward to adjust because the silicone is squishy and it takes some muscle to bend them in the position you want.
Keeping it clean after use keeps the doll like new.

Overall, this is a satisfying choice for a masturbation doll.

I would like it if this manufacturer came out with the same doll, but make it the same size as a real human.

Like the real thing

The sex torso turned out better than I expected. There may be comments that think it's small or something bad, but I don't agree. When you squeeze it, it's really nice and it feels real. There is a stiffer internal structure that feels like a hip bone. The inside feels tight, but it's also real. Highly recommended.

Very soft and nice

Words can't describe how awesome is the pleasure and realistic this doll is.
It's an amazing experience and a must if you are interested or in doubt.
Also it saved me on a time when my wife was pregnant and also after pregnancy when she didn't wanted to have intercourse with me.
I want to thank and congratulate also the customer support team that send me another sex doll torso because my first one got damaged from just a couple of uses.
5 stars tantaly!!!!!

Great Purchase for the Cost

We had owned a few sex doll torsos before finding the high-grade dolls from Tantaly. We were both greatly impressed with their realism and found them to be a great value. Every time I removed Brittney from the box, my wife couldn't help but touch her breasts and vagina— in fact, it was quite the turn-on for us both. If you're considering getting her, rest assure she's well worth the money!

I ❤️ Tantaly Nicole

I've tried a couple of them, she is my favorite,. She is just perfect, size, dims and weight.. you can use it in many various positions, never disappointed , it's very easy to handle weight. Breasts are perfectly realistic and so soft to the touch, she is definitely my anytime go to if I am in the mood to have some fun.
Packaging was really good, and discreet. I dressed her up to add a little spice to the experience.. she is beautiful.