Discover the Top Male Sex Dolls for Women!

I've sourced a wide selection of male sex dolls for women and carefully compiled all the relevant info in one spot. With budget-friendly and luxurious full-body options available, I've also included a helpful buying guide to assist with finding the perfect male sex doll.

What is a Sex Doll for Women?

Male sex dolls are sex toys that replicate a male sexual partner. Consumers can choose between inflatable, robotic, and lifelike models. Dolls for women may feature a large dildo and additional features such as a tongue or anal canal. They can be used for solo play or partnered group sex.

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Varieties of Male Sex Dolls Designed for Women

There are multiple types of male sex dolls available, each with their own unique features that make them popular and pleasurable. Let's examine some of the most sought-after options.

Full body – These male sex dolls offers a lifelike replica from head to toe, featuring all of the intimate details of an adult male. From its muscular abs to its moveable skeleton, this full body doll includes everything you need for a night of pleasure.

Torso – Removing the arms and legs from a full body male sex doll provides an economical solution for women looking to experience the fun of a full body doll at a more affordable price point.

Pelvis – Let's keep detaching components of the torso doll until we reach the primary erogenous zone of the body: the pelvic area. This is where the most interesting parts are located. A pelvis sex doll torso provides access to penis and buttocks, and is ultimately the primary goal of most male sex doll aficionados. Every other part is just an added perk.

Inflatable – Inflatable male sex dolls have become ubiquitous, if not somewhat of a joke among consumers. Yet, they are still surprisingly capable of providing an intimate and stimulating experience - albeit not as realistic as other types. You'll find all the necessary features, and at a fraction of the cost that other dolls demand.

Real Love Doll for Women Materials

The material used to make your male sex doll is an important factor regarding the appearance and tactile qualities of the toy. Here are the options to consider!

Silicone – Known for its resilience, elasticity, and realistic characteristics, silicone is safe for body use and non-porous, making it easy to clean and sanitize.

TPE – TPE is a pliable form of plastic which provides a similar sensation to silicone, though with a more lifelike feel. It has the drawback of being porous, thus potentially harbouring bacteria and germs. Placing a non-lubricated condom over the dildo can address this concern.

PVC – PVC is a porous material, meaning it is highly susceptible to bacterial growth. This material is not only unsafe for male sex dolls, but for any sex toy. Furthermore, the toxic chemicals that are found in PVC can be leached out and absorbed by the body. It is best to avoid this material altogether.


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