Do You Know The History of Sex Dolls?

Explore the Evolution of Sex Dolls

It is not clear when the sex doll was first invented. The introduction of vinyl plastics in the late 1800s inspired the manufacture of plastic goods across numerous sectors.
During World War 2, the Nazi party took great measures to ensure the sexual health of their soldiers. This included the initiation of the "Borghild Project," which was sparked by the increasing spread of syphilis, as Nazi troops had contracted the disease from the female population of the towns they had invaded.

This project was reportedly focused on constructing a sex doll to satisfy the needs of soldiers as they rampaged across Europe; however, evidence of the project is non-existent and no relics of the doll remain in museums.

1968 saw the introduction of the first marketable sex dolls. Commonly found in the rear pages of pornographic periodicals, these blow-up dolls were favored by certain men in the US and Europe. As the internet had not been established yet, and sex remained a hush-hush subject in polite conversation, the only way to acquire a blow-up doll was through a racy magazine.

Sadly, these dolls were not well-suited for intimate activities, leading to numerous reports of genital injury. Furthermore, the dolls lacked any human-like features, making the sex act less fulfilling than the traditional intercourse.

In the mid-nineties, the introduction of the "Real Doll" gave people around the globe their first foray into modern sex dolls. These dolls featured silicone and lifelike qualities, offering a nearly accurate intimate experience. In the last two decades, developments in sex doll technology have seen the use of traditional silicone to create vigorous, realistic skin replaced with the use of TPE - a material akin to human skin. produces the premier TPE sex dolls, with adjustable features that outperform the initial Real Doll.

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What are the Physiological Benefits of Possessing a Sex Doll?

Owning a realistic sex doll provides numerous health advantages. Men's physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is dependent on intimate activity. If sexually deprived, they may become easily agitated and express their annoyance through aggressive behavior. When sexually content, however, men exude a sense of serenity and confidence that makes them more desirable to women.

Studies indicate that increased sex can cause a surge of pheromones, chemical messengers emitted by the body to draw a partner. This can make an individual more alluring to other women due to their genetic makeup.

Women tend to seek out men with advantageous genetics for potential offspring. Consequently, a man that experiences sexual activity on a regular basis will often find that they are in high demand. Subsequently, an influx of romantic interest may follow a period of decreased sexual activity. Their increased pheromone production is likely to draw the attention of potential partners. However, this situation may create conflicts for those currently involved in committed relationships, as certain women may take advantage of their availability.

Humans exhibit a response to pheromones that suggests they may not have been designed for monogamous relationships. As men, we have long sought to spread our genetic material to many different partners in order to maximize our offspring and ensure our genetic legacy.

If you lack regular sexual activity, your body may be impacted in dire ways, including prostate health problems and increased occurrences of nocturnal emissions. A sex doll can help reduce the tension and help you become better both mentally and physically.


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