Have you found the sex doll torso of your dreams?

Are you also troubled by not being able to find a partner who fits your ideal type inside and out? Sex doll torsos have significant advantages in their lower price and ease of use. They have beautiful faces, smooth and sexy tits, and big plump asses, not to mention lifelike openings in their pussies. You may get models with no limbs at all or with added thighs or shoulders. But they're also smaller and lighter than full-size dolls. Sex doll torsos make it easier for you to manipulate them into any position you want most.

POPTORSO sex doll torso manufacturers use only the best materials and pay close attention to every detail of their sex dolls. Our Sex Doll Torso is the perfect entry-level sex toy for men looking to enhance their pleasure or minimize the wallet impact. The sex opening is modeled and textured to feel like a real woman. Plus, their weight makes cleaning these male sex dolls super easy, whether you're cleaning them in the tub, shower, or elsewhere.

We want to help you find a life-size sex doll that is perfect for you and your naughty needs! So start reading and find yourself a doll that will rock your world! In this blog, 4 classic styles of sex doll torso brands from POPTORSO will be introduced and compared. They will be Tantaly, Yeloly, Qita and Irontech.

Tantaly Britney Sexy Toy

Best Budget Pick BBW Sex Doll Torso - Tantaly Britney

The Britney Tantaly sex doll torso has soft 32B cup breasts and a sexy butt, all while weighing just 28.6 lbs. Britney's newly upgraded breast enhancement adopts Tantaly's unique gel breast enhancement formula: Tantabosom technology, and Britney is ready to give you the most amazing titty sex experience.

Britney Tantaly's vagina and butt hole are also functional. What's more, no matter what you choose, they're all uniquely designed to give you a great experience. I love Tantaly Britney's tight asshole and grip inside, and the detailed opening of the vagina adds to the visual appeal. No doubt any sex seeker can resist Britney Tantaly, a sexy BBW with huge boobs dotted with hard pink nipples, slim waist, full buttocks, thick thighs... manageable from top to bottom, by built-in Move the skeletal support, you are free to pose in any pose you like, put on your favorite underwear or bondage for her, and start a wonderful journey.

Yuna Yeloly Big Boobs Torso Sex Dolls

Best Cheap Sucking Vibrating Sex Doll Torso - Yeloly Yuna

Yuna Yeloly is the cheapest animatronic sex doll torso in the Yeloly brand, and you can take her home for only 149.9$. Yeloly Yuna self-cleaning doll has 5 amazing suction and 5 different frequency vibration function modes for you to choose, helping you to achieve exciting sex moments, providing the most real stimulation, strong suction sucks you when you want to leave, let You experience realism from the inside out. She's waiting for you to take her home super fast - in your arms ASAP! It looks like a young girl with pink nipples and pink pussy, waiting for your big cock to enter her vagina and anus, powerful suction and vibrations to make you orgasm!

Qita Doll Hanlu Real TPE Female Big Booty Love Doll Torso

Best Realistic Big Ass Sex Doll Torso - Qita Hanlu

Qita Doll Hanlu's lifelike love doll is molded from a real sexy butt! Features real skin textures like goosebumps and wrinkles that look absolutely realistic. Pink pocket pussy and ass with super tight passage for incredible pleasure. The Hanlu Qita Doll sex doll for men is designed with two separate vaginas and a closed anal passage. Dual channels include realistic wet pussies and super tight anus for exciting explosive play.

Irontech Doll Charles Realistic TPE Male Big Dildo Love Doll Torso

Best Popular Male Sex Doll Torso - Irontech Charles

Feel the burning excitement as you rub Irontech Charles's sexy abs during sex. You will feel safe with this masculine man. what are you waiting for? Bring this bad boy to your home quickly. Charles Irontech's toned physique will delight you, and the combination of tanned skin and toned muscles will have a special appeal to your gaze and imagination. Charles' torso looks healthy and muscular, and his smooth-lined physique conveys masculinity, strength and confidence, making him irresistible. Please rest assured that in lonely nights, he will accompany you to spend every good time.


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