How To Get “Intimate” With Your Sex Doll Torso?

Unlock Your Sex Doll Torso's Sensual Secrets

Experience the Intimacy of Kissing and Receive Sensual Oral Pleasure from Your Sex Doll Torso.

Today's sex dolls boast soft, smooth skin of the highest caliber. Plus, their faces are plush and uncannily realistic, with the added perk of a mouth that opens easily so you can get your licker (and hers!) in the game.


You can anticipate your love doll to have a tongue and teeth that are soft and yielding. These may seem peculiar at first, but you can likely discern the reason for them once you slide your digits down an extendable throat aperture.

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Engaging in Vaginal Intercourse With Your Love Doll Torso.

Many find that vaginal intercourse is a popular way to engage in intimacy with a love doll.

The soft material used to create the vagina of today's torso sex dolls is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, providing you with the realistic look, feel, and comfort of a real vagina.

As an add-on, certain retailers offer highly personalized love dolls with either a permanent or detachable vaginal feature.

Externally, they appear indistinguishable, yet deciding the kind of vagina you desire in your sex doll ultimately comes down to personal preference.

In addition, sex dolls with a permanently cast-in vagina have a barrel formed during production and provide a more natural sensation during intercourse.

Alternatively, you can choose replaceable or removable vagina inserts to ensure cleanliness and avoid the risk of STDs or other health issues, while also enabling extended doll use.

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Experience Penetrative Anal Sex with Your Sex Doll Torso.

Many individuals yearn to experience anal intercourse, though it's seldom a topic brought up early on in a relationship.

For a majority, engaging in this activity is typical, beneficial, and satisfying; however, it is sometimes difficult to discover a partner willing to experiment or who delights in being the recipient.

Satisfying your craving for an anal experience is made effortless thanks to this love doll; it won't object to taking it in the back entrance.

The anus is identical to the vaginal opening, anatomically precise and replicating the sensation of anal intercourse.

Plus, this entrance is tighter, offering a unique feel compared to the front entrance. You'll also marvel at the incredible firmness of the base of your love doll.

For those who may be unsure, it is completely safe to ejaculate inside your love doll, provided you keep it properly cleaned at all times.


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