Irontech Vicky 67CM Silicone Torso Sex Dolls Review:

Irontech is an established sex doll manufacturer with a good reputation. They started to produce silicone torso sex dolls about 3 years ago. Irontech doll's most popular model: Their 67CM silicone sex doll torso Irontech Vicky. Experience the ultimate pleasure with Irontech's Vicky 67CM silicone torso sex doll. Boasting fine details and padded curves, her exquisite beauty, and realistic features are sure to bring your fantasies to life. Revel in the most realistic physical and emotional experience, and let your desires take charge.

Irontech Vicky Realistic Silicone Big Boobs Love Doll Torso Male Masturbation

Irontech Vicky Sex Doll Torso Review:

Realistic Silicone Skin

Irontech Vicky crafted with premium silicone, her skin feels surprisingly firm, yet realistic - with visible pores and bumps that make her look incredibly lifelike. Add some excitement to your bedroom with the Irontech Vicky sex doll torso. Enjoy a night of passion with an incredibly realistic experience!

Flexible Skeleton

Experience unparalleled realistic flexibility and movement with Irontech Vicky's flexible skeleton - a high-quality and totally silent silicone sex doll torso. A new level of realism with the Irontech Vicky silicone sex doll torso. Featuring a flexible, noise-free skeleton design that's easy to position, enjoy complete control over your pleasure without any distracting noise interference. Perfect for exploring your deepest desires.

Plush Labia

Irontech Vicky silicone sex doll torso is equipped with amazingly realistic labia – so real that you may mistake them for the real thing. Irontech Vicky labia is probably one of the best I have ever seen among sex dolls. If you look too quickly, you would think this is a real vulva. It looks and feels extremely real. The inside of the vagina is thigh, soft, and nicely padded. It feels fantastic. The inside is plush and provides exceptional tactile sensation. Perfect for fulfilling fantasies.

Gel-filled Boobs

Is it love at first sight? Irontech Vicky's boobs look very realistic. They also do feel very realistic. The boobs are filled with gel which makes them feel heavier than hollow boobs thus a little more natural. Irontech Vicky's love doll torso realistic-feeling gel-filled boobies so you can get all the cuddles and curves of your dreams – without the awkward silences! (Seriously, she won't talk back.) Get ready for non-stop fun!


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