What is the significance of silicone sex doll torsos to the sex doll industry?

Why were previous sex dolls unreal?

The general dolls before are all inflatable, and you need to blow air to inflate the dolls. Additionally, the material from which these dolls are made is often smooth, soft, flexible plastic, making them as unrealistic as possible compared to actual women.

The texture of this material makes sex very unpleasant. Also, the shape of these blow-up dolls is rigid, stretching and bending easily. This leads to more unrealistic sexual experiences. This material further makes the doll look far from the aesthetic qualities expected of a true female appearance.

Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Torso

Why do we need to keep testing silicone sex doll torsos?

POPTORSO's goal has always been to point you to the best sex torso products. Sex is a very personal thing for everyone. That's why we don't recommend any product without thorough testing.

You can find our list of top-selling doll suggestions here. Each silicone sex doll torso has been tested by medical professionals and declared safe for use.

These silicone materials are also tested before manufacturing. All of this is to give you the best possible experience. You can find different kinds of silicone sex doll torsos in our recommended list and choose the perfect silicone sex doll torsos for you.

TPR Sex Doll Torso

Why say that silicone sex doll torsos have changed the sex doll industry?

On the one hand, the use of a silicone sex doll torso helps create a torso that looks and feels almost lifelike. Silicone is a high-end material that is expensive and has a rubbery texture, very similar to real leather. The closeness of this material to real skin makes it the best choice for expressing skin in dolls or toys, making it popular in the industry. In addition, the torso of high-end silicone dolls can be cured by platinum, so that it can maintain a hard and smooth texture for a short time. Due to its high degree of customizability, silicone is the worst material that can be used to mimic certain parts of the body with hard skin, which may include the outside of the mouth, vaginal cavity, and nose.

They're also stretchy and hard to bend, allowing you to enjoy every realistic feel and position you'd expect from the woman you're having sex with. Silicone is also a material that is extremely unlikely to cause allergies, so it is widely used in the doll industry to produce dolls that can be used with confidence. Some of the cheaper models have low-quality bobbins, and the medical grade low molecular weight silicone used to make them is a solid item that you can use for a lifetime, in any way you want without worrying about damage and stretching issues. Silicone lovers even changed the porn industry. If you want to see silicone sex doll torsos in real life, you should definitely check out the best collection of these POPTORSO silicone sex doll torsos.


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