What types of sex doll torsos are most popular?

Whether it is silicone, TPE or TPR dolls have different shapes and sizes to meet different market needs. Whether it's your budget, limited storage space, or some special requirements, there is a sex doll torso for everyone at POPTORSO.

1. Life-size Sex Doll Torso

Life size size sex doll torsos also known as half body sex dolls, this category sex doll torsos have all the sexual features of a real female model you want. Their bodies are anatomically complete, from lifelike big boobs to tight pussies and anuses. You can play with her three holes all you want and enjoy fondling their squeezeable boobs and ass.

2. Partial Parts of Sex Doll Torso Only

Separate torsos are entry-level sex dolls, such as separate big boobs sex doll torsos, big ass sex doll masturbators, etc., are especially suitable for first-time users or users who want to have a series of silicone and TPE sex dolls at home. This type of sex torso is also particularly lightweight and portable, making it ideal for people with limited mobility. You can also buy other body parts such as legs, butt, standing feet and heads.

Qita Dolls Cyril Lifelike Female TPE Big Boobs Butt Love Doll Torso

3. Electric Sucking Vibrating Sex Doll Torso

New and upgraded electric sex doll torsos include vibrating and sucking sex doll torsos, vibrating and sucking big ass masturbators and other automatic sex doll torsos types. The torso sucking vibrating sex doll is a newly developed type of torso sex doll, with automatic sucking, vibration and automatic cleaning functions, equipped with a remote control, completely freeing your hands, allowing you to enjoy more exciting orgasms more easily. When your penis is inserted into the vagina of the electric sucking vibrating sex doll's torso, the fully automatic function will bring you unprecedented sexual pleasure and orgasmic stimulation experience

4. Transgender Sex Doll Torso

Transgender Sex Doll Torso is a multipurpose sex toy with transgender genital features designed for men who are attracted to transgender women. With trans sex dolls, you can enjoy a unique experience where you can play with boobs and dick at the same time. Also, most of them come with dicks and pussies. Believe me! It doesn't get much better than this. (Check out POPTORSO's best transgender sex doll torsos here)

Yeloly Daniel Realistic Big Dildo Male Penis Torso Sex Doll

5. Male sex doll torso

The Male Sex Doll Torso has all the characteristics of the perfect male of your dreams. Available in different designs and shapes, you can always design your ideal sex doll yourself. The male sex doll torsos all boast a bionic penis, a masculine muscular body, and other variables such as facial hair and toned muscles. (Check out POPTORSO's best male sex dolls here)

6. Female Sex Doll Torso

Satisfy your desire for orgasm with a sexy female sex doll torso. These female sex doll torsos have the perfect faces and sexy bodies of real beauty models, just like your real girlfriend. Meanwhile you can dress your female sex dolls in lingerie of your choice for added erotic sensibility, or dress them up in any other fashion style you desire. With these realistic female sex doll torsos, you can have anal, vaginal and oral sex.

Sex Doll Big Ass Yeloly Phoebe

7. Niche Sex Doll Torso

These are relatively new introductions on the market. You can find many different niches, for example, fantasy, celebrity sex dolls, elf girls, anime, aliens, japanese sex dolls, black sex dolls, MILF, fat sex doll torsos, big tits sex dolls Torso, big booty sex doll torso, pregnant sex doll torso, even furry sex doll torso and more!


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