9 Mistakes to Avoid with Sex Doll Torsos

Researching sex dolls reveals that owning one involves a major responsibility. This includes proper maintenance, as a sex doll torso is not cheap and damage due to improper use can be costly. Additionally, it's important to remember that dolls are more than just a masturbation aid - they are companions, so handle them as such.

Here are nine avoidable actions that can damage long-term relations with torso sex dolls:

Avoid Extended Seating of The Sex Doll Torso

Mindful of long-term use, refrain from leaving your doll in a seated position. Instead, try to remain them in an upright attitude whenever possible. Prolonged bending or sitting can weaken materials and cause deformities, meaning that with popular product Britney, who boasts plush breasts, should not be left lying prone for extended durations. Similarly, when using our larger model Monroe, be sure to reorient her legs in their natural position after each session, as leaving them outstretched for extended periods can be detrimental.

Do Not Place Excessive Stress on Your Real Doll Torso

Our sex dolls are built with metal skeletons to withstand varying sex positions, but it's best to be gentle and avoid exerting pressure beyond what is needed. There is no need to be rough with it - you can explore all sexual positions with patience. Additionally, sharp objects can cause damage to the dolls; keep away from these to ensure the longevity of your TPE sex doll.

Ensure Optimal Hygiene Practices When Cleaning Your Sex Doll

Furthermore, customers must be aware of the potential adverse effects of not cleaning their sex dolls correctly. Residue left within the dolls' openings can cultivate bacteria, resulting in skin conditions such as rashes, contact dermatitis, and other complex infections. To ensure a safe experience, we have created the Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit, which provides customers with the tools to easily clean their dolls.

Avoid Doing This After Cleaning Your Life Size Sex Doll

After washing your sex doll, don't rush into the drying process. Avoid the use of hairdryers or direct heating sources to dry your doll. Renewal powder can protect the material and keep your doll in top condition. Place your doll in a room with air conditioning or a fan to allow her to dry naturally, but away from direct hot air. Baby powder applied over her skin can further protect her and help extend her lifespan. She has an essential role in your life.

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Utilize Renewal Powder To Enhance Your Doll's Features

Cream-based makeup such as concealers, foundations, and cream blushes should not be applied to your pleasure doll, as the ingredients of these products can permanently stain the material. For the health and safety of your doll, opt for a renewal powder instead. Powder makeup provides better coverage and won't stain the doll's skin, so it's an ideal choice if you're looking to enhance your doll's appearance. Additionally, be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper way to care for your doll in order to keep it in good condition.

Avoid Direct Application of Fragrance to Sex Doll Torso

Perfumes can amplify your senses and set the mood for romance; however, spraying them directly onto your sex doll's skin can damage its pigment and create discoloration. To avoid this, spray the perfume onto clothes and let them dry prior to putting them on your doll. This will allow you to experience fantasies with the scent of your favorite perfume without risking any harm to your sex doll torso.

Do Not Utilize Oils Or Creams To Lubricate Your Doll

Creams and oils may be beneficial for humans, yet they are unsuitable for use on Busty sex dolls. These compounds can degrade TPE, making the doll hazardous, and the material more prone to collecting dirt and fostering bacterial growth. Additionally, the ingredients found in lotions and creams, like emollients, can damage the doll's exterior over extended periods of use. Furthermore, Rubbing alcohol, Essential oils, Shampoos, and Laundry detergents must never be employed for sex doll maintenance, as Essential oils can cause permanent harm to the doll's surface, and shampoos contain ingredients such as surfactants that are difficult to clean off and may cause discoloration.

Refrain from Outfitting Her with These Fabrics

Your sex doll is your companion during your most beautiful moments, and you might want to dress them up in your favorite clothing. However, it is important to avoid materials like faux leather, denim, and latex, as these can stain your sex doll. Plush fabrics should also be avoided, as they can stick to the doll and are difficult to clean. As for colors, dark and highly pigmented ones like black, red, fuchsia, and navy blue should be avoided, and you should instead opt for light colors such as baby pink, light blue, and apple green. If you do wish to dress your sex doll in darker shades, ensure that the colors do not bleed after multiple washes.

Avoid Exposing Your Doll to Extreme Temperatures

Sex dolls are incredibly appealing and perfect for physical intimacy. They can cater to your intimate needs precisely as you desire. Your sex doll can boost your libido just at a glance. Therefore, to maintain your relationship with your sex doll, avoid exposing her to prolonged periods of high heat as it can cause the TPE material to soften.


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